Wednesday, May 2, 2012

DIY: Red Sunburst Earrings

On Monday's post I wore these earrings. These red sunburst earrings can be made in a few simple steps. They are made from buttons. That's the cool thing, you could use some similar buttons or choose some in a different color.

 This DIY was an inspiration from these earrings from Aurelie Bidermann.

This is the wire from Home Depot that I used for my Peter Pan collar necklace. I liked it because it is bendable, but very sturdy. This wire was perfect for these earrings.  I told you I will be making a few projects from this wire- I have to get my $7.00 worth.

I took this picture so you know exactly what kind of wire to buy.

Step 1: Cut the wire into 14 pieces make them in sizes ranging from 2 1/2 inches to 1 inch. You can cut more pieces if you choose to make your earrings fuller.

Step 2: Spray the pieces with gold spray paint. You will need to flip on other side and spray, until the wire is completely covered.

Step 3: Besides the wire, you will need Goop craft glue,  buttons, and 10mm flat post/clutch, and wire cutters. My buttons have accents of red, but you could use any button that has a metal backing.

Step 4: Using the wire cutters cut the back of the button, so that the back is flat. After the Goop glue is applied, place the metal wire in the desired location. I showed how I placed mine above.

Step 5: I cut the wire according to the design I preferred. Then, using the glue apply the post to the back of the button and let dry.

Finished product. I love the pop of red!
                                                     I would love to hear what you think!


  1. I had no idea you diyed those, i'm in loooove

  2. Such an amazing DIY! I definitely want to try this out soon!

  3. Thanks ladies for your sweet comments.

  4. Fabulous earrings! Great job with this DIY.

    xoxo Julieta


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