Monday, April 30, 2012

Seeing Spots

Hope everyone had a fabulous weekend! We had great weather on Sunday and I finally got some needed yard work done. I am not usually a huge fan of shorts, in the summer I tend to wear more dresses. But, I loved the look of these and they are so comfortable. These shorts are silk and could be worn day or night. This shirt is another thrift store purchase. The earrings are made by moi and they will be featured in a DIY on Wednesday if you are interested!

Rubbish Flowy Shorts , Silk Polka Dot Shirt Thrifted (Similar), Red Steve Madden Pumps-Old (Similar)
                                                      Do you like to wear shorts?


  1. cool shorts, great earrings. I'd love to be able to wear shorts,,, I have to lose few pounds though..

  2. Way to wear shorts with great style, Carrie. Love the simple white shirt and red heels for extra chic : > Your legs are three miles long!

    1. My daughter has the same legs, she started playing soccer and all you see when she runs are her long legs!

  3. So chic! Those red shoes really nail the well done my dear!

  4. Thanks for linking up. I love the red pop of color!


  5. Carrie, this is so chic, I love the entire look, I want to steal it ;)

  6. So cute! And I love the background too! I tend to flip flop between shorts and dresses, but I like to wear both.

    xo, Megan


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