Monday, April 30, 2012

Seeing Spots

Hope everyone had a fabulous weekend! We had great weather on Sunday and I finally got some needed yard work done. I am not usually a huge fan of shorts, in the summer I tend to wear more dresses. But, I loved the look of these and they are so comfortable. These shorts are silk and could be worn day or night. This shirt is another thrift store purchase. The earrings are made by moi and they will be featured in a DIY on Wednesday if you are interested!

Rubbish Flowy Shorts , Silk Polka Dot Shirt Thrifted (Similar), Red Steve Madden Pumps-Old (Similar)
                                                      Do you like to wear shorts?

Thursday, April 26, 2012

DIY: Neon Rhinestone Hoop Earrings

Well, in last Friday's post I featured a link to a DIY Neon Rhinestone Bangles by Andrea at For the Love Of. I made some for myself and can't wait to wear them. But I got on a roll, took an old small pair of hoops and decided to use the concept on those. I have a scarf with a few neon colors and these earrings were a great accent for this scarf.

These small hoop neon rhinestone earrings can be made in a few small steps.

Materials needed are a pair of small hoop earrings, string of rhinestones, neon embroidery thread, craft glue, wire cutters, scissors, and a paper plate.

Step 1:Cut the rhinestone chain accordingly for the size of your hoop. Then, apply craft glue to the top edge of each hoop. Next, place the string of rhinestone over top of the glue and hold for about 10 - 20 seconds. This is what your earrings should look like after the rhinestones have been applied.

This is the thread I used, which can be found at any craft store.

Step 2: Tie a knot at the beginning of the earring and then apply the craft glue to the edge of the thread. This adheres the thread to the hoop and makes the thread stay down. Then, wrap the thread in between each rhinestone. I wrapped mine 3 times between each rhinestone. Continue until you get to the end of the earring.

Step 3: Tie a knot at the end and then use the craft glue to adhere the thread to the earring.
This added just the right amount of neon to go with my scarf!

Do you have a favorite neon color this spring?
Hope everyone has a great weekend. It is supposed to be cold on Saturday (48 degrees)  and we have soccer and t-ball. Come on!  I need a break and a little sun on my paleness! (Sorry about my venting!) If you have time for a DIY you should check out Kate at Centsational Girl's DIY Mother's Day Memory Jar, it is a great gift for any mother (I would love to get one)! Also, the Material Girl's Blog has some great ideas for interior design.

Wednesday, April 25, 2012


I recently added a few pieces of mint to my wardrobe.  Pastels are a huge trend this spring, but as with everything in fashion, how long will they last? I have paired this mint shirt with a classic navy sweater and jeans. I bought this knit tank at Forever 21 for $10.50! You may have many classic staple pieces that you could incorporate with one new "trendy" piece.

Kelly and Katie Pandia Sandal, J.Crew cardigan thrifted - (Similar),  Side Zipper Skinny Jeans (old)-(Similar) Mint Knit Tank

Do you have any "mint" pieces in your wardrobe? What has been your favorite pastel this spring?

Monday, April 23, 2012

A Pop of Neon

I hope everyone had a great weekend. We had really, really cold weather and a lot of soccer, but one highlight of the weekend was that my husband and I had a date night! As I have mentioned in previous posts, my work has a casual dress code. This past week, I had a meeting that called for me to be more "business casual." This is the outfit I wore. Every piece of this outfit is thrifted, except for the belt. I love this high waisted H&M skirt and I found a similar one at ASOS. I  have worn this checkered shirt in a previous post and think it is a great shirt for all seasons.  This skinny neon belt from ASOS makes this "mod era" outfit very current. 

 Neon Skinny Belt, Ann Talyor Loft Shirt- $2.99 (Similar) , H&M skirt- $6.00 (Similar), Blowfish Patent leather(Similar) flats $8.00

Linking up at Monday Mingle here  at Mom Trends.

 Have you bought or made any neon accessories for spring?
***Congrats to LeeAnne, she is the winner of the leather gloves from Luxury Lane. I will be contacting you through email.

Friday, April 20, 2012

All Things Pave'

This past weekend I went into the J. Crew store and was looking at this Classic Link Pave' Bracelet that I have featured below. Well needless to say, it's mine! I love every detail: it's large size, gold color, and the pave'. You will see this bracelet in many future posts. I have also found some other great pave' items to share with you.

Top Row: Michael Kors Golden Huggie Earrings at Neiman Marcus, Sapphire Crystal Band Ring at Susan B., Marc by Marc Jacobs Pave' Turnlock Studs at Zapos Couture, Middle: Classic Pave' Link Bracelet at J.Crew, Last Row: Michael Kors Hermatite and Pave' Stack Ring at bloomingdales, Black Sunburst Pave' Bangle at Charm & Chain, and Kenneth Jay Lane Ring at Net-A-Porter
Have you bought a new piece of jewelry for spring? Do you have any pave' jewelry?

If you have some time over the weekend you should try this DIY Neon Rhinestone Bangles by Andrea at For the Love Of....(I know I am going to make them!!) . Also, check out Lindsay at The Pleated Poppy, she has great style and project ideas.

I hope everyone has a great weekend!!!

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

DIY: Peter Pan Necklace

There are many types of Peter-Pan necklaces. Of all the Peter-Pan necklaces that I have attempted to make, this is my favorite. It was so easy and I actually made it while my kids were playing outside (that is why many of the photos are taken on cement).

Materials needed for this project are 18 gauge hanger wires, wire cutters, pliers, bead/pearls, gold spray paint, thread, needle and scissors.
I found this wire at Home Depot. I liked it because it was bendable, but very sturdy. I have a lot of it, because it came only in one size for $7.00.

I took this picture so you know exactly what kind of wire to buy.

Step 1: Cut the amount of  desired wire. I cut more than I needed and measured around my neck. Then, I adjusted the length of the wire. Using the pliers bend one end in a "U" shape as shown.

Step 2: Fold the "U" shape completely back and use 1/2 inch of cut of wire to wrap around as shown.

Step 3: String the desired amount of pearls/beads onto the necklace. I used pearls because I had 2 old pearl necklaces (Don't worry! They weren't real!)

Step 4: When you get to the part that you would like to be the middle of your necklace, bend the necklace with the pliers. It will look like the shape of a heart.

Step 5: At the end, curve back the wire into another "U" shape.

Step 6: Twist another 1/2 inch of wire around the end of the pearls. This is so they will not slide off and stay in place. Then, cut off the excess wire.

Step 7: In the middle of the necklace, tie thread into a knot. Another alternative to thread is using elastic.

Step 8: Thread the pearls through the needle, make sure to have an equal amount on the right and left side of the necklace. I used 10 pearls and then I counted up 18 beads before tying onto each side.

Step 9: This step is optional. I painted my necklace for two reasons.  One, I love gold so much lately and two, my pearls did not match. If you use the same type of beads, this step is not necessary.

This necklace can be worn with so many things. I loved it with this tank top maxi or with a t-shirt and jeans.

I would love to hear what you think. I would love to hear if you like DIY Wednesdays!

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Monday, April 16, 2012

Bold Colors

I love those times you try something on and you feel fantastic! Well, that is how I felt when I tried this dress on from H&M. I am a full believer when you find a dress you love, but you think,  "I don't have anywhere to wear this," buy it!!! I have a couple of events this summer where this dress will come in handy. Then, I won't need to stress in finding something to wear to those events.
Bold and Bright colors can be found everywhere this spring.

Dress available at h&m

                            These shoes and clutch were a spectacular buy from the thrift store.
 Rampage Floral Heels were thrifted for $12.00. They were never worn and I fell in love with the print.

Clutch was thrifted for $1.99. It had great details such as the pyramid studs, chain for around your wrist, and zipper around the edge.

Saturday, April 14, 2012

DIY: Bangle Accented with Silver Linked Chain

I enjoyed my last day of spring break, so I am a day late on my post. I hope everyone is having a great weekend. It has been raining all day and it is a perfect day for some DIY projects (or take a nap).  I have done a previous DIY on an embellished bangle. I wear that bracelet so much I decided to make another bangle bracelet. I got the chain for this bracelet at this etsy shop. In a few easy steps you can make this bracelet.

Items needed for this project are gold metallic spray paint, shimmering silver deco art paint, large linked chain,  E-6000 craft glue, paper towel, and paper plate.

Step 1- I took this wood bangle that I bought for a dollar and spray painted it gold. Make sure to always spray paint in a well ventilated area.

Step 2- Measure the chain, around the bracelet, to make sure you have the accurate amount. My chain is plastic and to shorten the chain each link can slide out.

Step 3: After the bracelet is dry, apply silver paint to a paper towel. Then lightly dab to give the bracelet a patina look. Don't apply to much silver, you still should see a good amount of gold.

Step 4: Apply the E-6000 glue to the middle of the bracelet.

Step 5: Place the chain over top of the glue. Hold in place for about 10 seconds before moving to the next section of the bracelet.

This is a bracelet that will get a lot of use, especially since I have been wearing a lot of gold and silver.

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Wednesday, April 11, 2012

DIY: Monogrammed Door Decor

This is my spring break!  Last year at this time, I was enjoying New Orleans.  I had the best time with a few of my friends. I didn't come back with a tan, but a serious burn instead. Well, this year for my spring break I am staying home. I am very pale, but I am finally getting some serious spring cleaning done, and a few projects completed. One is this monogrammed door decor, which is a great accent to any door.

When I decided on making a monogrammed letter for my door decor, I did some research on the Internet and came up empty. So, this is my take on monogrammed door decor!!
Materials needed for this project: material you select, large paper letter, glue gun, glue sticks, pom-pom trim, scissors, plastic ring( I found mine in the curtain section), and E-6000 glue. You can find all of these things at your local craft store, make sure you take your letter when you pick out your material to get the accurate amount of material needed.
You might notice that my "T" is faded in some areas, this is my second time recovering it.  So, you can recover your letter every couple of years.

Step 1: Lay your material flat,  apply hot glue before folding the material over the top . Cut at a diagonal to have enough material to cover the top of the "T". If you have a difficult letter like a "M"- trace the letter front and back. Then cut out, glue the material directly to the back and front.

Step 2: Apply hot glue to the middle of the "T" and fold over. Make sure to pull tight, to avoid gaping.

Step 3: To complete the bottom of the "T"  use the same technique as wrapping a present. I applied extra material over my messy material to make the appearance of the back neater.

Step 4: This is the trickiest part, because you have some pieces of cardboard showing, so you will have to cut smaller pieces to glue in place, but the trim, covers these imperfections.** If have the difficult letter you will have to apply stripes to the middle, because you only will have applied facing to the front and the back.

Step 5: Hot glue the pom-pom trim to the edge of your letter. I put the trimcloser to the front to cover the imperfections. You will need to take you letter to the craft store to measure the amount of trim you will need.

Step 6: Apply the E-6000 glue to the ring, press to the letter, let dry for 1/2 hour. Leave part of the ring above your letter, so you will be able to hang on your door hook.

Voila-  Monogrammed door decor! I have gotten so many compliments on this and I love it! I decided to recover it and show you how!
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