Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Spring Blazer

Oh thank goodness it's Wednesday! I can't wait for spring break. I know your are surprised by another black and white combo, but I just can't get enough. To help me transition into spring, I paired this outfit with my Ovi blazer to get a pop of color and who are we kidding- warmth. This post has a couple of "musts" for spring. One is you need that go to white t-shirt. A shirt that is not to loose or to tight and can be put with anything for a great look. Another is white pumps, I have seen a few blogger friends wear these and I have been dying to get a pair. I stumbled upon these Charlotte Russe white pumps at the consignment shop and knew they were meant for me. Lastly, for spring try a different style of pant that is not in your comfort zone. I usually tend to stick with the same type of pant ,but I love these Harlem Pants from Forever 21. These babies are so comfortable, but stylish.

F21 Zebra Harlem Pants, Orange Blazer- Similar, Charlotte Russe White Pump- Similar, Project Social T- Shirt

What is a "must" for you this spring?

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Monday, March 25, 2013

Transitioning to Spring

Happy Monday. I hope everyone had a great weekend. Mine was filled with birthday activities, including my daughters birthday party yesterday.  Nothing makes a parent more exhausted than a kid's birthday party, but she had a fabulous time and that's all that counts. I like everyone have been itching to bring out a few spring pieces. Since Mother Nature is not cooperating, I had to improvise. I recently purchased this INC fur vest at the thrift store and to incorporate into my spring wardrobe I paired it with my Gap white jeans and a three quarter length H&M blouse. Nothing says spring better than a great pair of white jeans. Those fur vest you have in your closet will work for the next few weeks for these chilly temperatures instead of a coat. If you need a DIY to make a fur vest with that old fur coat check this out.

Gap White Skinny Jeans - Similar,  INC black fur vest- Similar, H&M Polka Dot Shirt- Similar, Zara Black Ankle Pumps- Similar

What in your wardrobe makes you think of spring?

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Trenching through Spring

Happy first day of spring! Even though it doesn't feel like spring is here I know it will be here soon.   (Staying Positive) A great coat for transitioning to spring is a trench coat, because it is lightweight but provides coverage. I recently scored this F21 coat at the thrift store for $2.99. I already had a black trench coat, but I really have been wanting a printed trench coat. A trench coat is very versatile and can go with many items in your closet. I paired mine with my Hunter boot's because it literally rained all day.
 Hunter Boot's

Here are a few printed trench coats that would be great for spring!

OASAP Polka Dot Trench Coat

C Wonder Trench Coat
Merona Women's Floral Trench

Kenneth Cole Trench Coat
Merona Water Repellent Floral Trench -$34.98

This last one is a great inspiration to use when you are thirfting because the print is fabulous. This coat by Burberry is on sale for $1446 (out of my budget, but love love.)
Burberry Prorsum Trench

Do you have a favorite? What type of coat do you wear in the spring?

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Monday, March 18, 2013

Can Zebra Work?

 Old Navy Suede Flats, H&M Zebra Pant, Project Social T-Shirt, Past season Gap Blazer- Similar

I hope everyone had a great weekend. One trend I can't seem to get off my mind is the black and white combo. It seems that I been noticing a lot of the black and white striped pants and while I love them I wanted something with a little more edge. I came across these pants from Express and Zara
 while I loved them very much, I prefer these zebra pants at H&M for $19.95. So, to wear them to work I paired them with a classic black blazer and white t-shirt. As if the pants weren't enough edge, I paired them with Old Navy neon yellow flats.

Then for a nighttime look, I paired these pants with a black leather jacket, black heels and yummy Zara velvet hot pink shirt I thrifted for $5.00. By changing your jackets and shoes, you can go from a daytime look to a nighttime look.

Do you like the black and white combo trend? What is your favorite color for spring?

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Friday, March 15, 2013

5 Day Closet Makeover

TGIF because I am ready for the weekend. We are supposed to get some decent temperatures, so I am ready for some outside time. Since spring is coming and people generally purge and do some spring cleaning this post is dedicated to making over your closet in 5 days. When I was thinking of making over my closet I looked for some ideas on Pinterest, but honestly all the ideas were like the one below, not practical for a 'real' closet with a lot of clothes. So, I came up with my own plan and I decided on 5 days, because I decided to accomplish this task during the week. I didn't want to spend my weekend working on my closet. This was my plan and I am much happier with my closet. It is much more organized and I have a better idea of my wardrobe.

Via Pinterest

My closet made over!!

This is what my closet looked like before, "a hot mess". I always thought the area above my closet wasn't space I was utilizing well. My closet had never been painted since we moved in and needed a fresh coat of paint.

Day 1: Take measurements for the shelving at the top. I measured the length and width of the current shelving. *A tip, Home Depot will cut wood for free. Also, on this day you will need to remove everything from your closet. I just put it in a pile in another room and didn't go through any of it on this day. The last thing, just patch holes and dings in your closet.

Day 2:  You will need to buy paint, then sand holes you patched from night before. Also, you will be painting on this day.  My closet is 83 inches x 63 inches and took about less than a hour to paint. The best paint to buy is one that has a paint and primer in one . It covers better and needs less touch up and coats. The picture below shows the new color I chose, just Sculptor Clay by Behr.

Day 3: Go by your local hardware store to by the wood for the shelving and the 6 "L" brackets needed.  I bought regular wood boards, because I planned on covering them with material. My long board was 83 inches and I needed 2 boards for the side that were 57 1/2 inches. I actually got them cut for 58 1/2 inches and they fixed it for me at Home depot for free even though it was my mistake. Also, you will need to touch up the paint and remove the tape.

Day 4: Put up the shelving. You will need screws, nails, tape measure, stud finder, level and a ladder. I like to do projects like this because I get a great deal of accomplishment. Luckily, now when my husband hears a drill he doesn't freak out. He knows I am very good with Spackle in case I make a mistake. *Tip: Make sure to measure from the ceiling with the tape measure to make sure the L brackets will be equal length down from the ceiling and be in a stud! For example, if you measure 25 inches down from the ceiling that is where all of your other brackets should also start at.

Also, on this day I covered the wood with material. I covered both sides of the wood with material. You need scissors and a staple gun. I got all my material for this project under $15.00. I got my material at JoAnn fabrics, but some readers have told me that they do not have one of these stores near them. I also love Fabric Guru they have great fabrics at reasonable prices.
This is what my above shelving looked like when covered and completed. The bottom photo shows the little shelving that I put in for my accessories.

Day 5: This is the fun day(not really). This is the day you go through all the things that you pulled out of your closet. I purged 4 laundry baskets and I feel much better about the items I have in my closet. This was good to do on a Friday, because it took the longest. I usually go through my closet a lot and clean out many items, but I have never actually pulled everything out. The only thing I want left to do is hang a chandelier, but I am still on the look for one. I think I will find one on my garage sale journey's this summer. I did look in the hardware store collection and nothing struck my fancy. I make sure to never settle and hold out for what you really had in mind. 

I used hooks to hang scarfs and baskets for accessories.

With paint and supplied the cost of my makeover was around $100.00. You can buy the wiring shelving for around that much, but I preferred the wood with the material.

Have a great weekend!!
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Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Footwear with flare

Happy Wednesday! In this post, I am sporting my Tildon Flats and I can't get enough of them. I actually got the silver Hinge Oxfords that I posted about on Monday and these shoes on the same day. I felt weird buying two pair of silver shoes, but I though they satisfy two totally different looks. One characteristic I love of the Tilfdon flat is the pointed toe and they are very comfortable.These are shoes I will be sporting all year, so I hope you don't get tired of seeing them! The leather coat and DKNY skirt are thrifted, so the most expensive thing on my body is my shoes at $49.95. They are well worth it!

As I was picking these other silver flats I fancy, I was looking at the reviews. Do you look at reviews before you buy shoes or go on your own instincts?

J.Crew Vivi metallic flats

Zara Metallic Ballerina

Janey Metallic Flats

Jeffrey Campbell 'In Love' Flat

Do you like the metallic shoe trend? Do you prefer gold or silver?

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Monday, March 11, 2013

A Little Pep in your Step

I hope everyone had a great weekend. This weekend we had a little taste of spring and now I want it here for good. This week's post will have a common trend, silver footwear. In this post, I am sporting my new Hinge Oxford that I purchased during my birthday shopping.  I love to incorporate a classic oxford shoe with a feminine outfit. I am loving silver metallic shoes! For me, I think of metallic as a neutral that can be worn with every color. 

Hinge 'Fraser' Oxford, Old Navy Sweater- Similar, Tobi Hopi Aztec Pants

These are a few other silver metallic oxford shoes I love!

Jeffrey Campbell Oxford

Envy Waltz Oxford

Tildon 'Astoria' Oxford
Ted Baker London 'Kape' Oxford

Do you have a favorite oxford?

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Wednesday, March 6, 2013

DIY: Bleached Denim Shirt

Happy Wednesday! I am so excited I am going to see Pink in concert tonight. My sweet friend got me a ticket for my birthday and the last time I saw her in concert she was fabulous. I am sure there will be a picture or two to follow.  On Monday's post, I talked about acid wash. If that is two extreme for your sense of style, you might like the bleached denim look. I got my inspiration from the DSquared shirt below that was for a crazy $451.00 and I always think I can do that. So, I did and paired it with my favorite Zara leopard paints.

DSquared2 Bleached Shirt- $451.40

Materials needed for this DIY are a denim shirt. Maybe your significant other has one in his closet he doesn't need anymore or this would be a great item to look for at a consignment shop. I went to my favorite Plato's closet and picked up a small H&M men's dark denim shirt for $6.00!!.Also, you will need bleach, water, scissors,cup, and a container or sink.

Step 1: Lay the shirt flat and cut the sleeves off. You can leave them on if desired, but I like the look for summer and spring. Also, it helps with the bulkiness of layering in the winter.

Step 2: Pour hot water into container, I used 1/4 bleach and 3/4 water. I left my shirt in for one hour until I got the desired denim color. Rinse the shirt out.

Step3: In order to get the bleach effect in certain spots, you will need to pour 1/4 bleach in a cup with 3/4  water. Then, pour into the rippled areas where the shirt is crumpled. Only leave on the areas for about 1 minute. Repeat this in desired areas, when finished rinse out and wash separately.  That is all and now you have your denim bleach shirt.

What is your thought on bleached denim?

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Monday, March 4, 2013

Hit Me With Your Best Shot

I hope everyone had a great weekend. Mine was uneventful, but sometimes that is the way I like it. I was actually able to visit some of my favorite blogs this weekend and get some great inspiration.  I have mentioned this before, but I love some 80's metal rock and one of my favorites is Pat Benatar. So, I have noticed the trend of acid wash lately and I thought this was one that I was not going to be taking apart of, but I also said that of skinny jeans (I know crazy right considering how much I wear them). Well, the force was to strong and I saw this sleeveless dress at Marshall's and I wanted it. Since it is trendy, I didn't want to spend a lot of money on and Marshall's is a great place to find trendy items that won't break your bank.

Tidlon 'Dash' Flat,  Vintage Silver Clutch- Similar, Acid Wash Dress- Similar, Old Navy Cream Cardigan- Similar

Michael Kors Chain Bracelet that my husband got me for my birthday. Love, Love!!

Have you ever thought their was a trend you would never wear and then did?

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