Monday, May 7, 2012

A Hint of Red

Ah, a second to finally sit down!I hope everyone had a great weekend. It went by so fast. I did find some time to make it to a few garage sales. I found a great sweater for a $1.00 ,that I am sure will be worn in future posts. Also, a great piece of pottery and chandelier lamp shades, which may be used for a future DIY. I also had a chance to catch some rays at my kids soccer games and have a date night. The weather was so beautiful that we ate outside. So, it was a successful weekend! I have noticed lately I have been wearing more black with red. I woke up on this morning not sure what to wear. So, this is one of my go to outfits- comfortable but put together. You could make an outfit like this dresser for night by adding heels and different jewelry.

Diba black ankle sandals - (Similar)
Silk Black Shirt - Target old - (Similar)
Striped skirt with red belt- Forever 21- (Similar)

What is your go to outfit, when you are not sure what to wear?


  1. You look so very chic! And that blouse is a keeper...very "in" right now. I m surprised it's old.

    You have the perfect legs and ankles for shoes like that. They look really great on you.

    I usually just do jeans and a T shirt with some long necklaces or lots of bracelets when I can't come up with anything else.

  2. Thanks, yes I am seeing silk blouses everywhere. I try to pick a few up at thrift stores. I love jeans also- they are definitely my fav!

  3. usually a pair of jeans and a relaxed tee... but thats the days im lazy and have no time to think haha
    Love that blouse!

  4. Your splashes of red and fab shoes make this casual look really special, Carrie. I usually "go-to" jeans and a pretty blouse, and try to add cool shoes. Thanks for sharing with Visible Monday!

  5. Hi Carrie!
    So pretty! I love the relaxed yet structured look of this outfit! And the pop of red is just perfect!!

  6. So chic Carrie! Your hair, bold sunnies and fab red lips...just seal the deal! Kudos!!

  7. I love the look you have going here, great color combo!

  8. The red transforms that outfit totally. LOVE those sandals.

  9. The red totally transforms the outfit. Love those sandals too!


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