Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Little Bo Peep

Happy Wednesday! I am sure you are thinking why did Carrie entitle this post, "Little Bo Peep". Well that is what my husband said this outfit looked like. He is hilarious, because he will usually say something inspiring about my outfits. I take them as compliments, because usually the funnier it is, that means the outfit is right on target for my style. This vintage dress was last worn in the summer and can be seen here. One piece I added to this outfit was my J.Crew gingham shirt. Adding bright pieces into your wardrobe will help give some life to your wardrobe until official spring weather has arrived. Gingham is a great print incorporate with other prints and is a print that can be worn in all seasons.

J.Crew gingham perfect shirt, Lulu Studded Purse - Similar, Borrowed( thanks Molly) Ray-Ban 'Bubbled Wrap Aviator', Micheal Kors 'Blair' Gold Watch, F21 Denier Web Tights, Miz Mooz Boot

All of these gingham shirts would be great to incorporate into any spring wardrobe.

Boden Gingham Shirt

Old Navy Gingham Shirt
J.Crew Gingham Shirt
Merona Gingham Shirt

 What tricks do use, during those months at the end of winter, to help give life to your winter wardrobe until spring?
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Monday, February 25, 2013

Vegas Volt

I hope everyone had a fabulous weekend. I celebrated my birthday this weekend and I must say it was awesome. On Friday night, a few of my neighbors had a get together and got me a cake and sang me "Happy Birthday". Saturday, my parents took my rugrats, so during the day I did a little shopping and had dinner with my husband. I received so many birthday wishes. I couldn't feel any luckier. On Saturday, I wore this outfit. Even though I have had this Faux Fur Mossimo coat for a while , this was the first time I wore it( I got a ton of compliments and still available online). I thought this coat would be very complimentary to my new coral MAC lipstick "Vegas Volt". The coral color spectrum  can range from pink to orange. I usually believe in go big or go home, so I picked a vibrant coral. MAC has the longest lasting lipstick ever, I wipe it off as best as I can at night and my lips are still tinted in the morning. It's great though, because you hardly ever have to touch it up. Some days (ok a lot of days) I am bad about putting on full make-up, but I usually always feel like my outfit is put together if I have my lipstick on.

Mossimo Women's Faux Fur Coat,  Emperia Studded Satchel( Nordstrom in stores)- Similar, F21 Black and White Striped Shirt- Similar

Do you have a favorite lipstick brand? Do you ever base your outfit around an accessory or make-up?

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Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Floral - Part deux

Happy Wednesday! This floral shirt is my second thrift store find. Lucky find again, because it had no stains, rips and all the buttons. Three things popped out to me when I saw (snatched) this shirt. They were the puffy sleeves, pops of color, and the detailing of the flowers continued to the back. My focus when I thrift lately has been floral.I really believe in the power of positive thinking, even when it comes to something as thinking about floral. Usually if I have something on my mind, I will come across it.  If you don't do thrifting, I have come across Nordstrom's speciality section that opened on February 15 called Savvy Trends. The great thing I think about Savvy trends is it has merchandise that is on trend  and very reasonably priced. I think it was created for the intention of having similar trends as the juniors but for a women. Below, I have featured a couple of floral items that are fabulous from Savvy Trends.

Gap Pink Neon Pants- Similar

I liked these items from  Savvy Trends ,at Nordstrom, because they have a vintage floral feel, but with a modern spin.

Dream Daily 'Parlour Necklace' Top
Mural Mixed Media Moto Jacket

BB Dakota Watercolor Print Pleated Top
Have you heard of Savvy Trends?

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Monday, February 18, 2013

Ken Scott Vintage Floral

Ken Scott Floral Dress - Similar, Gap 1969 wide-leg jeans- Similar

I hope everyone has had a great weekend, and maybe some of you are enjoying a long weekend.  I am dedicating this week to vintage floral. To start off, I am sharing this vintage dress by Ken Scott, which was a find from the thrift store for a whole $1.99. So again I freaked out over this was a fabulous find, it has all original buttons and no rips or stains. After visiting NYC last summer, I found out vintage items in this condition can be very pricey. For an item to be vintage it doesn't have to have a specific year, but I often think of vintage as in era's. So, whenever you find a vintage item, you can check out on the Internet for information on the designer.

 On, is says that Ken Scott is the designer of modernity and color, the “fashion gardener” with eclectic personality. His art is made by peonies, roses, poppies, sunflowers, petunias, asters, morning-glories. A dazzling bloom of flowers and nature splashed on shirts, foulards, beach-jamas, swimsuit, shirt waists, and then on bags, luggage, textiles and articles for the home, in a luxury ance of creativity quite fitting for what would become one of the most extraordinary seasons in fashion, a style that marked the 1960’s, won cult status in ’70s culture. Considering that his items on this site start at $137 to $549, I got a great deal. One thing to remember is vintage sizing doesn't correlate to today's sizing, so make sure to try it on!

My favorite thing about vintage floral prints are the size and the color of the flowers. It's like your wearing a piece of artwork.One of my favorite characteristics are the covered buttons with the material, that's not a detail you see in today's clothing.

How old does something have to be for you to consider it vintage?

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Thursday, February 14, 2013

Highs and Lows

I hope everyone is having a good week. This post is dedicated to the high and love skirt. I recently purchased this one by Alice Moon at a consignment shop. I only own two high and low pieces, because I think they can be tricky depending on the length of the of the skirt's front. I loved the style and the polka dots in this skirt. I am a maniac for polka dots. Sometimes trendy items can be tricky to incorporate into your current wardrobe unless they fit well and you feel comfortable wearing it. When you try a trend and don't feel comfortable, it will show in your mannerisms. Speaking of highs and lows, the temperature on this day was supposed to be 50's and then the next thing I know it's snowing and cold. I can't wait for springtime and since it's Valentine's, we are getting closer.

Alice Moon High and Low Skirt- Similar, Zara Denim Shirt- Similar, F21 Elbow patch sweater -Similar, F21 tights- Similar

Happy Valentine's Day!

What is your favorite type of skirt to wear? Do you have any plans for the Valentine's weekend?

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Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Lace me up

Hi, I hope everyone had a great weekend. I had a lovely weekend and had some great time with friends and family. This post is dedicated to a classic lace piece. When I was recently reading my Lucky Magazine, they were giving ways to dress up or dress down your lace. In order to accomplish this, you need a piece that will withstand more than one season. I have seen many lace dresses lately, but before I decided on one I took into consideration what were my goals for my piece. I wanted a versatile lace dress that would be fantastic worn by itself and one that I could dress down to look like a skirt. So, that is how I decided on this lace dress from F21 that has a pencil skirt bottom.
F21 lace dress sold out online, check store- Similar

When I am looking for a classic piece I often look at high end designers. Dresses like this lace dress by Valentino will stand the test of time, but not for my wallet. So, my Forever 21 was a close substitute.
Valentino Nude Lace Dress

For my dress down look, I pair this lace dress with a military style vest and denim shirt.
Old Navy Vest -Similar, Mossimo Floral Denim Shirt -Similar

Do you wear lace? What is you favorite way to wear it?

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Friday, February 8, 2013

DIY: Monogrammed Pillow

Lately, my Friday posts have had something to do with home interior. I am really into fixing up and completing little projects around the house. The two reasons for this are, it has been to cold to go outside and in the spring I don't want to be fixing my indoors, I want to be outside. I have had on my to do list to make a monogrammed pillow and now I can mark it off my list. I am very pleased with the outcome.

I have mentioned before that I have a thing for anything monogrammed. If I had a machine that would monogram all my clothing would look like the Laverne's on Laverne and Shirley the t.v. show.

But I don't, so for now I'll just settle for my monogrammed pillow, which is so easy.

 For this project, you could make a pillow or buy one. Burlap is really a big home interior trend right now. I have looked on Etsy and found single letter monogrammed pillows ranging in price from $25.00 to $70.00. For my version you can make one for under $12.00.  I found this pillow that is 18 x 18 from Hobby Lobby for $4.99. It has a burlap and linen feel. Also, I bought a pillow insert that was on sale for $6.00. You will need black fabric paint, small paint brush, pencil, ruler,paper plate, and a stencil.

Step 1: Lay the pillow flat and measure to find the halfway point of your pillow. Make a light mark with your pencil. I used a paper letter T that I had in my house, but there are many stencils available for free like here. Lay the stencil flat in the middle of the pillow. Make sure the letter is lined up with the mark you made. Trace the stencil lightly with a pencil.

Step 2:  Before you start painting you will need to place something in the middle of the pillow, so the paint does not seep through. I used an old coloring book that has a waxy cover. You could use aluminum foil or plastic wrap.  Then, start down at the bottom of the letter beginning with the edge and apply paint.
 Step 3: Keep working your way up. The edge is the most tedious part.

Step 4: Make sure to fill in your letter completely and apply a few coats.  This was after the first coat. I waited 20 minutes to apply the next coat.

My finished pillow looks great and I love it.

Have you bought or made anything recently monogrammed?
Have a great weekend.

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Wednesday, February 6, 2013

The Skinny of It

I hope everyone is having a great week so far. A trend that I have noticed is many of my posts lately have involved this pair of skinny jeggings from American Eagle. I wasn't surprised when I recently saw on the Lucky Magazine website that theses were one of the pairs of jeans they suggested for under $50.00. I have tried many jeans from all different price ranges. I always am looking for a jean that makes me feel good(aren't we all). Also, a plus is a variety of my friends have these jeans and they look great on a wide range of body types.

Amercian Eagle Jeggings, Madden Girl Sanguine Cowboy Boot,  Madewell Sweater - Similar, J.crew Gingham Shirt -Similar

Have you tried AE jeans? Do you have a favorite jean at a lower price point you would like to share?

Monday, February 4, 2013

Frantic for Aztec

I hope everyone had a great weekend. They sure do go by fast. Recently, I have come across the website Tobi. I haven't done a website post in a while. I would compare Tobi's clothing and pricing to a Forever 21 or H&M. As, I was checking out their website I found a few things I liked (of course). One thing I do before ordering anything off the Internet is I always check the web for coupons for the website I am interested in. I came across that the when you join Tobi you get 50% off your first order and they have free shipping!. So, I got this Aztec sweater that I love. This is so comfy and stylish in this extremely cold weather.

Navajo Oversized Sweater, F21 Leather Leggings Similar, H&M Cream Infinity Scarf- Similar

A couple of other things at Tobi that I fancy are: 

Olivia Oversized Knit Sweater

Braided Fringe Bucket Bag

Wide Waves Top
Mint Sophie Blazer
Loden Tuxedo Skinny Jeans

Have you ever heard of Tobi? Do you like the Aztec trend?

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Friday, February 1, 2013

DIY: Valentine's Coasters

Happy Friday, I thought this day would never come. For this post, I love decorating for different holidays, but in a subtle way. So, I came up with these easy Valentine's coasters. This project is inexpensive and can be done for less than $5.00. The outcome is so cute and would make a great gift

For this project, you need the following materials: cork board round coasters (they come in packs of 6 for $2.77), regular scissors, different edge scissors, Mod Podge, foam brush, scrapbook sheets of paper (they are around 59 cents). If you are a person that scrapbooks you may have some of these materials already. I do not, but I love looking at all the paper that is available.

Step 1: I did different patterns on each coaster. For the first pattern, I used a glass and traced around it.

Step 2: Draw a heart on the back side of the paper of a second piece of paper you have selected and cut out with regular scissors.
Step 3: Put Mod Podge on the back of the designed paper and glue the front. Make sure to apply glue all over generously.

Step 4: For another pattern, I traced both sides of the glass in the same circle. When cut out it will give you this pattern. Glue back of paper and cover over the top with Mod Podge. You can have a great time designing different patterns.

Step 5: I applied 3 more coats of Mod Podge, so that the coasters have a good seal against the condensation of the glass that will be on these.

Since it's the weekend and you might have a second or two to yourself (yeah right) I have a few blogs I would love for your to check out. Two of my friends have blogs, one is Cocktails and Sales by my friend Amanda. She tells of personal experiences, style tips and sales, and great places to shop that she has learned about since her move to Connecticut.

The second one is Letters the Lucinda by my best friend Cappy Troy. If you have every lost a love one in your life this blog may help you find comfort. Cappy kept a journal after her mother passed away and includes these letters in her blog. Every time I read her posts they touch my heart, because her mother was an amazing women.

I hope you have a great weekend and I hope to get something creative done. We shall see.