Monday, July 30, 2012

Printed leggings and Top 10 Things I loved in New York

I am still pumped up from my trip and I told you I was going to give my top 10 things I loved about NYC. But I am actually going to give you my first 5. Here goes:
1. You should visit McSorley's Old Ale House.
This bar opened in 1854 and everything has stayed in original place since then. If you like history definitely visit here.

These handcuffs were left here by Harry Houndini.

This chair was used by Abraham Lincoln to give a speech at McSorley's.

2. The people in NYC are so friendly. Every time I asked someone a question, they were more than willing to help me.

3. We stayed at the Hilton in Chelsea on the 19th floor. Every morning and night my view was of  Empire State building.

This is the view from their roof top bar called Rare.
4. I finally got to go to MJ trimmings which is a person who does DIYs dream. Anything you need to make something, they have. But if you can't get to NYC, you can visit them at here.

5. Everytime I go to NYC, I  finally learn the ins-and-outs of how to ride the subway and it always a cool experience.

Lastly, that brings me to my printed leggings.
Tribal print leggings- Forever 21

 I bought these leggings at Forever 21 while in NYC. Printed leggings are great to wear with a solid tunic, shirt dress, or just with a long shirt and a blazer. I plan to wear these many times in this fall. Ryan took this picture while we were in Times Square. I think everyone should visit it at least once, but with the amount of people in the space it can be a little overwhelming.

What do you wear leggings the most with? Do you tend to wear them in one season more than another?

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I will finish my last 5 things I loved about New York trip in my next post.

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Celebrating the Olympics through Men's footwear for women

The Summer 2012 Olympics officially start tomorrow in London. So, I postponed more about my NYC trip. I thought I would celebrate the start of the Olympics by giving you a selection of gold, silver, and bronze oxford footwear. I love the trend of menswear for women. I think these shoes with a pair of boyfriend jeans, jeans, and a skinny belt make a classic, but stylish outfit. I own a couple of pair of oxford shoes, but none in a metallic. So, I am on the hunt for the perfect pair. I gave you some "dreamy" options and "practical" options.


Jimmy Choo- Bay

Born Arletta Savana Metallic


Loeffler Randall Oxford Flats

Bass- Joyce Oxford


Born Ibis Panna Cotta Metallic
Wanted Oxford Shoes
Have a great weekend!
Do you have a favorite oxford? What will be your favorite sporting event to watch in this summer Olympics?

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

New York - Part 1 with Floral Jeans

Hi everybody, I was on a great long weekend trip to NYC and had the best time. I think it is so important to get away with your significant other without the kids every so often.  My husband and I had the best time together.  On Friday's post, I am going to give you my top 10 favorite things about my trip. I feel so inspired after going to NYC, it is definitely my muse. We all have our places that when we visit, we all can say "Ah" I'm at home. For some people, it's a vacation at the beach, skiing, lodging in the mountains, mine is NYC. I just love the way I can be myself and don't have to tone it down to"fit" into a mold. Ya know, really flourish with an expressive style in the best city in the world.

You see, my daughter is always in my stuff as most girls are. She is constantly wearing my high heels. I even let her wear them one day wear them to Hobby Lobby. She click-clopped all down the aisles proudly with her size 2 feet in my 6 1/2  pumps. Just one night last week, she was wearing them outside walking around the neighborhood and trying to look sophisticated. She does it because she likes it! So, what does that have to do with NYC!

In New York City anyone and I mean anyone, can wear heels or absolutely anything they want and no one cares. I love it and honestly I know my daughter will have her uniqueness and individually.  One day of our trip, I wore this outfit while Ryan took a picture of me outside of the Metropolitan Museum.
Almost Famous Floral Jeans

    I had been looking for a floral jeans or pants. These really caught my eye because while they were floral, they weren't to overbearing with the print.

A few other pairs of floral jeans I found were:
ASOS floral Jean

J Brand Floral

ASOS- River Island Jean
 We also on this day went to Central Park. I actually changed into my flip flops to walk through the grass and a bee stung me. The bee wanted me to remember my walk.  We also took a bicycle ride though the park where I learned many cool awesome facts and took many pictures. 
This is the fountain they used in the beginning of the Friends T.V show. Also, those two buildings in the background, were the buildings used in the Ghostbuster's movie.

Have you bought any floral items this summer? Where do you get your muse?

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Pattern Shoes for Fall

This fall, one trend that will be seen on many feet are pattern footwear. I am on the hunt for a pair and came across a few I wanted to share. I know that it is summer time. I don't really want to speak of the fall, because that means the school year will begin, but on my upcoming trip to NYC I will be on the hunt for a few Fall items. Who am I kidding, many Fall items.

I often wear flats  to work. They are more comfortable and practical. I like how each of these designers used a combination of texture and print these shoes.

Gap calf hair loafers

Natalie blush dot haircalf flat

 All of these wedges have a great print that could be incorporated into any outfit.
Lyon black and brown print wedge

Levity Fay Suede Sandal

Guess 'Jadynn' Sandal
Lastly, how about a sweet pair of pattern boots for that fall wardrobe.

Sam Edelman'Serephina' Boot

Big Budda Western Boot

Do you have a favorite?

Monday, July 16, 2012

One abstract shirt- 3 looks

Happy Monday, sorry I didn't post on Friday, but great news I finished my class. Fifty- four pages later I am finished, so no more talking about my class.  I recently bought this abstract tank from Forvever 21. This tank is very versatile and I thought I would show it styled three different ways.

This outfit includes a  a thrifted chambray Madewell full skirt and thrifted fringed purse from Express. This would be a outfit I would wear during the day. Style Tip: If you have an Apple style body wearing a belt with a full skirt makes your waist look smaller.

This outfit, I paired the abstract shirt with a pair of silky black shorts. I have worn these shorts in a prior post. I love them because you can dress them up or down. This would be an outfit that I would wear for a causal event.

Lastly, I paired this abstract shirt with the shorts from above. I paired it with a blazer and high heels for a dressier look. This is definitely something I would wear to go out. Style Tip: A ruched sleeve blazer is great for a summer layering piece.

Which outfit do you like the best?

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Wednesday, July 11, 2012

DIY- Gold and Silver Glitter Clutch

I bought this clutch at the thrift store and got a little bored of the neutral color.  I bought some Mod Podge and have been a little maniac with the glitter. You can pretty much glitter any plain clutch, so before you get rid of it, revamp it (or send it to me:). For my friends birthday lunch I made her a different glitter clutch and I think she loved it. I have a couple of other clutches that I will be redoing. This summer, I have been wearing a lot of gold and silver together, so I wanted to make a clutch that was two-toned. This DIY  was easy and turned out great.
Step 1: Find a clutch that you want to redo.

Step 2: Materials needed are gold and silver glitter, masking  tape, foam sponge brushed, paper plate.

Step 3: Tape the clutch off and make sure it goes continuously on both sides.

Step 4: Mix Mod Podge with silver glitter and paint over one side. I did one side at a time.

Step 5: I painted about 5 coats, or you want to until you can not see the clutch- only glitter. Then rip off the tape only until the bottom, because you will be doing the back later.

Step 6: Mix the Mod Podge with the gold glitter and brush onto the stripes not painted yet. The gold glitter seemed to cover better ,so I only applied 3 coats. I just wiped the excess gold off the silver before it dried. After the one side drys, flip over and repeat the steps for the other side.

Final product!

Love it with my gold and silver jewelry!

Do you have a clutch you could do this too? Did you watch the Bachlorette on Monday night? Do you think she will pick Jef, Arie, or no one?

Monday, July 9, 2012

Abstract in Orange

Hope every one had a great weekend. I went today to one of my good friend's birthday lunch. I wore this orange abstract Mossimo dress from Target. I have been attracted to abstract prints. I also like the detail of the cut out neckline. Really, I couldn't just stop thinking about the color!
Mossimo Women's Strappy Tank Dress

Audrey Brooke Caress Wedge

I accented this outfit with gold and silver accessories. I have noticed that animal jewelry is a trend this summer. I found this fabulous gold cougar ring at Forever 21 for $5.80. I made this silver and gold glitter striped clutch. It will be my DIY on Wednesday, if you would like to make one of your own.

Cougar Eyes Ring

Classic Pave' Link Bracelet

So, for dessert we went to a restaurant called the Melting Pot. At this restaurant everything is fondue style. These were our items that we dipped into the fire pot of chocolate and peanut butter. Dipping anything into chocolate is fabulous. I always love experiencing a new place and it was a great time with friends.

Some other animal jewelry I found that I loved were :

Mini Ram Bangle- J.Crew
Gayle's Gold Tiger Bracelet
Giraffe Ring- Juicy Couture
Enameled Giraffe Bangle- J.Crew
Jacey Withers Love Fox Ring -ASOS

Do you have a favorite? Have you ever eaten at the Melting Pot or a similar restaurant. Don't forget to watch the Bachlorette- I am very addicted and can't wait for Monday nights to come.