Monday, January 20, 2014


Hi everyone, I hope you had a great weekend. With the beginning of a new year, many of us have made resolutions. One of those may be to spend less money. One way you can stick to this resolution is by thrifting. I recently went thrifting and purchased eight items for a total of $26.79. One of my items was this vintage sweater. I absolutely loved the bright color, boat neck, embellishment of flowers, and being vintage this is one of kind. Actually, in this post's outfit everything is thrifted except for my H&M black skinny jeans. If you think you may like to try thrifting you may want to consider these things:

1. Be open to one size higher than your normal size. Just like when we wash things they make shrink a tad, so you may wear a medium instead of that regular small.(it is used)
2. Look in all areas of the store, people sometimes put their unwanted items anywhere.
3. Thrifting can be for everyone in your family. I picked up my daughter 2 items this trip.
4. Certain days of the week are better for thrifting. The day I went one of the stores had the whole store 50% off.
5. Keep all the items you are interested in buying in the cart until the end. If you set something down someone might pick it up and then it's gone.
6. Consider current trends or styles. 
7. Have an open mind and have fun.

 H&M Skinny Black Jeans,

Ann Taylor Thrifted Gingham Shirt -Similar

My receipt totaling $26.79.

My thrifted coat on the left and the TopShop Fleece Coat on the right.  I love this look, but I consider this look a trend and did not want to spend alot.

This Forever 21 will be used in a future DIY.

These skinny jeans and Target sweater were two items I snagged for my daughter.

This vest is from Madewell.

Liz Claiborne cardigan

Rhinestone brooch

Have you thrifted anything lately? What are your thoughts on thrifting?

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Friday, January 17, 2014

Working Towards...

Hi everybody! In my last post, I made my declaration to grow out my hair. Even with something as small as growing out your hair you should set a goal. My goal is a shaggy bob with longer layer bangs. So, I have been busy on Pinterest setting up my board of bobs to be inspired by. These are a few of my favorites.

Do you have a favorite? Have a great weekend!

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Changing it up

Hi everyone, don't pass out because I have two posts this week! In this post, I am sporting a casual combination including my favorite Sorel Slimpback boots. I am announcing I have decided to grow out my hair. I have had short hair FOREVER. I love my short hair, but I think it's time for a change. I am telling all of you, so it keeps me accountable and I am less likely to cut it in the next few months when it starts to look funky. Like in this photo, I will be wearing a lot of hair accessories to get me through this grow out period. I have been doing my research on things that can help me grow out my hair as fast as possible. These are a few tips I have found:
1. Try not wash your hair a lot.
2. Use a deep conditioner treatment at least once a week.
3. Take Biotin to aid in hair health and growth.
4. Drink water and exercise
5. Be patient

These two suggestions I wasn't sure about, first using Biosilk shampoo and conditioner. Lastly, an egg white treatment, the protein is great for healthy hair.

AE Skinny Jegging, Old Navy Surplus Vest- Similar, Old Navy Quilted Vest- Similar , Sorel Slimpack Riding Boots, Ralph Lauren Elbow pad- thrifted

If you have any other tips for growing out my hair I would love to hear them?

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Monday, January 13, 2014

To sale or not to sale

Hello everyone, I have been on a hiatus. I have taken many pictures, but nothing has stood out that said blog about this. I think part of it is this weather and on this day it was actually descent. It was a few days after we had  negative 30 temperatures with wind chills. During those cold days, I did venture to the mall. I snagged this Forever 21 Olive Moto jacket. I have been wearing it a ton. I love the embellishment of the gold spikes. It  makes the jacket edgy and feminine at the same time.With the stores starting to get spring items in, they have a plethora of winter items on sale. I heard one girl as I was shopping say, " I don't look at anything that isn't around 10 dollars". So, that got me thinking of what I ask myself when I am doing end of the season shopping. Ask yourself:

1. Am I just buying this item because it is cheap?
2. Do I already have something similar in my closet?
3. Would I have bought it at the regular price?
4. Would I rather buy four sale items or buy the shirt I really want at regular price?

If you answer yes to any of the following questions, then you should probably not buy that sale item. Back away from the sales rack and get what you really want. Don't get me wrong I have bought sale items in the past, just because they are on sale. Now I really try to be more selective, because all of those sale items add up.

F21 Moto Jacket- Similar and Similar, Rubbish Moto Leggings- Similar, Studded Wrap Around Bracelet

How do you decide on a sale item?

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