Wednesday, May 9, 2012

DIY: Fabric Covered Chandelier Shades

Well, it's DIY Wednesday. This DIY  is inspired from the chandelier shades I purchased at a garage sale this past Saturday. They had been weighing heavily on my mind to have something done to them quickly. I purchased all 6  shades for $3.00, and I had been itching to change my current shades. Chandelier shades can cost anywhere from $13 to $35 a piece. My home interior decor is similar to my style, I love to change it often and take risks by incorporating many fabrics with different but coordinating prints.
This is one of the 6 shades and can be made in a few steps and will make your chandelier  unique!
For this DIY you will need 6 chandelier shades. I often see these at thrift stores and I think they are reasonably priced at Lowe's.  Remember , you don't need to have the same print, just shape because they are being recovered. Also needed is 1/2 yard material, 2 in. by 9ft black ruffle trim, Elmer's Craft Bond spray adhesive, long paper, hot glue gun and sticks, scissors, pencil and crafting music!
Step 1: Take all of the old material and trim off the lamp shade.
Step 2: You will need to make a paper pattern. First, make a dot on the shade and the paper will your pencil.

Step 3: Roll the shade and every 2 inches trace the shade at the top and the bottom. You will stop when the dot comes back around fully.

Step 4: This is what your pattern should look like when finished, then cut it out.

Step 5: Place the paper pattern on the opposite side of the fabric and trace the pattern with a pencil.

Step 6: Cut the material out, it should look the this.
Step 7: Apply the spray adhesive to the shade  and start at the seam of the shade to apply your material.

Step 8:  Continue to smooth the material until your come to the end and them fold over. Glue the folded over material with hot glue.

STEP 9: Apply the  trim to the bottom and top of the shade using hot glue. Make sure to start at the seam of the shade. This trim will help hide any imperfections and adds a great detail to your shade.

Step 10: I applied the trim by applying hot glue every couple inches and then applying the trim. This makes sure your trim is  applied evenly!  Repeat these 10 steps for 5 more shades and voila you are finished.

Finished Product! I love how it turned out.
My first set of shades I had stenciled numbers and symbols. I loved how they looked and was actually going to use them as a DIY inspiration. The idea was given to me by my cool mother-in-law.

I would love to hear what you think and hope you are having a great Wednesday!


  1. so, so, so COOL... I love it, and the color of the wall behind the lamp along with the curtain is so up my alley. You mother-in-law must have some serious style like you. I LOVE it, keep posting those DIY's they are great.

  2. They are really cute - i really enjoy all of your DIY


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