Wednesday, May 16, 2012

DIY- Neon and Gold Earrings

Happy Wednesday! Sorry to get this post out so late, very busy day. This is a crazy time for me, but only 11 days until summer break (but who's counting). A couple of weeks ago, I came across these earrings by Herve' Van der Straeten. These were listed as one of the hot accessories for the Fall 2012 season. I thought I could make a similar pair and I think I was pretty successful. I changed the blue color of these earring to neon, which is very hot this spring. I will make a cobalt pair for the fall.

Herve' Van Der Straeten 2012 Earrings

This is my version of these earrings and they were very easy to make.

One material you will need is this Pardo Jewelry Clay. I got my on sale for $1.79. It comes with 6 balls of clay, so you can make many earrings! They have a great assortment of colors.
Another material is this color metal roll in gold. This is $4.99 and I am planning on using this in another project (hopefully).
The last few materials needed are these metal textured tools, 10 mm flat post w/ clutch,  Goop glue, scissors, pencil, oven, cutting board, knife, and cookie tray.
Step 1: Take a ball of clay and roll it in your hands until it gets soft. Then, put two pieces on a cutting board and cut your shapes. I made trapezoids. After this, put the clay on a baking tray and cook for clay on 248 degrees for 20 minutes or until clay hardens.

Step 2: Cut two pieces of the metal roll. I cut my pieces 1 inch by 1 inch. The consistency of material is similar to Reynold's aluminum foil.

Step 3: Cut the metal with a right angle in the bottom right hand corner.

Step 4:  Cut another right angle in the upper right hand corner and bottom left hand corner.

Your design should look similar to this.

Step 5: Use the first design as a template for the second, by tracing around with a pencil.

Now you should have two gold metal appliques for your earrings.

Step 6: Use the metal texturizing tool over your templates.

Step 7:  Apply Goop craft glue on the back of the appliques. The metal will fold over the sides.

Step 8: Glue the 10mm flat post and let dry.

I really liked how they turned out. I got a lot of compliments and it's feels great when someone says, " I love those earrings, where did you get them?" Then you can say I made them!
I wore the earrings with this black dress from H&M. The neon color of the earrings really popped with this dress. Sorry, they didn't show up in the photo, weird since they were neon.

I would love to hear what you think! Did anyone watch the Fashion Star finale?

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