Monday, May 14, 2012

Retro Maxi Skirt

 I hope everyone had a great weekend. On Friday, I stopped in Canal Winchester, a city close to me. I came across this fabulous store called Cornersmiths. If you are ever near Columbus,Ohio, you should stop by. They have a great variety of things, like these earrings I bought. They are vintage stones put into a new setting. Everything in this store was so unique and cute.This was one room in the store that displayed a vintage metal background, which they used to  displayed their products.

These were the earrings I purchased. I loved how they were packaged with ribbon and polka dot cardboard!

So, my kids and I had a great time discovering this store. (Actually, I had to bribe them that I would  go in the cupcake store next door, after we were done). While I was there, my daughter took a picture of my awesome retro abstract maxi skirt that I purchased at the thrift store for $5.00 (oh yeah)! This skirt fit me perfectly and I think I scared the poor guy right next to me when I saw it because he looked at me when I yelled "yes!" This skirt has such a great print. Besides the black and white, it also incorporates hot pink and red. I had been looking for a unique maxi skirt, and was excited to find this one. I have picked two other maxi skirts I like. If you have an extra $1,530, I love the first maxi skirt's print that is from Harrods. It is definitely an original. I also like the Banana Republic skirt. It has a great print, and is reasonably priced at $98.00. Also, at the thrift store, I discovered another great find that day.  It was a neon checked J.Crew shirt. It was definitely a successful day at thrift store!
Also, I hoped everyone had a fabulous Mother's Day. I spent it with my family at my brother's college graduation. To finish the day we met up with my kids and ate dinner at one of my favorite restaurants -Mongolian BBQ Grill. It was a great day!

Harrod's Abstract Print Maxi Skirt ($1530.00)

Printed Silk Maxi Skirt- Banana Republic ($98.00)

Did you thrift anything lately? Do you wear maxi skirts?
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  1. Oh yeah ... your photo is stunning!!!!! My sister lives in Athens, OH .. I must tell her about this store. She comes up to Columbus often to visit grandchildren. PS...I love maxi-skirts and have worn them forever!

  2. Love maxis! I don't seem to have any skirts myself lately, but I do have some dresses!

  3. I don't wear maxi skirts but this one looks great on you!

  4. Awesome maxi skirt and great deal, Carrie - I love the print. Thanks for sharing with Visible Monday : >

  5. That is a fabulous skirt! Can't believe you only paid $5!

  6. The skirt is great--very boho chic. Thanks for showing off your style this week on Monday Mingle.

  7. I love these photos. Great skirt. So much personality but such a simple silhouette.

  8. that is AWESOME, a really amazing skirt! what a great buy!! xx

  9. OK...that skirt look amazing!

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  10. That skirt was a great find and I'll have to check out Cornersmiths sometime! I live in's fun to find another local blogger! :)



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