Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Pencil Me In

Happy Wednesday. With each new season comes new trends. It can be difficult to try to decide which ones work best for you. I tend to buy versatile pieces that will work with trends, that I know will last through many seasons. One trend that I have noticed for a few seasons is the "pencil" skirt. The fit I look for in a pencil skirt is form fitting, but not too tight, right at the knee, and versatile. I found this little number at the Goodwill in NYC for $4.98. For fall, I love the texture that a tweed and wool pencil skirt provides, especially combined with printed blouse or sweater.

This fall, I think one of the best selections of pencil skirts can be found at J.Crew.

J.Crew Collection Pencil Skirt

No. Pencil Skirt J.Crew
No. 2 Pencil Skirt Sequin Tweed Pencil Skirt- J.Crew

My thoughts and prayers go out to the people on the East Coast.
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Which skirt is your favorite? Do you wear pencil skirts or prefer another style?

Monday, October 29, 2012

Take a Bow

One easy accessory that can change a look of an outfit is a belt. Recently,the bow style of belt has caught my eye. I came across this Jessica Simpson studded bow belt at Plato's closet for $4.00. This belt had three great characteristics, it was elastic, studs, and a large bow. Belts are an easy way to make your look more up to date without breaking the budget.

These two photos show the different that one belt can make. It's a great way to accent your waist and give your body definition.

Since my belt was thrifted here are a couple of black bow belts:

Lulu Sutdded Bow belt

PF Paola Frani Bow Belt

Lulu Studded Bow Belt

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Which do you like better the outfit with the belt or without the belt?

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

These boots were made for walking ...

Hope everyone is having a great week. Even though it looks like fall, it sure doesn't feel like it with  these 80 degree days.  My favorite thing about fall, besides the leaves changing, is getting to wear my boots. I have added a few pairs into my fall wardrobe.  There are so many styles: riding boots, cowboy boots, military style boots, booties, heeled boots, over the knee boots, and wedge boots. These are my riding boots from this past post. My go to outfit for fall is a dress with a pair of boots. They are stylish, but still comfortable. For this outfit, I snagged this Mossimo dress at Target for on sale $12.00 (but still full price online). I plan to get many uses out of this dress because I love the pop of color.

Mossimo Supply Co. Dress, Merona Kasia Leather Riding Boots, Gap cardigan(old)- Similar

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What is your favorite style of boot to wear? Why is it online sometimes things take forever to go on sale, but in the store they are?

Monday, October 22, 2012

Yes to the Sweater Dress

 I love to add pieces to my fall wardrobe that are versatile. Recently, I have noticed many types of sweater dresses in a variety of prints. A sweater dress is a great piece to have in your fall wardrobe because it can be used in a number of different ways.  As seen in my photo, I wore mine by itself with a pair of colorful tights and over the knee boots (that sag). Then later on that day, I wore this sweater dress with a pair of skinny jeans.
Geo Sweater Tunic , Fuchsia Tights, Nine West Suede Boots - Similar

Also, you may notice the hair is a little darker. I usually go darker in the fall and winter. With my personality, I am always wanting change. Luckily my hair is so short that I can change the color more often.

Do you like sweater dresses? Do you keep the same hair color throughout the year or do you change your color darker in the colder months?

Friday, October 19, 2012


Well, it's my one year blog-a-versary (yes that's my made up word). It has been a great first year. I have met so many new people that share my passion for fashion, DIY's, and personal style. I truly appreciate the support I received this year. I looked back at my first post and this was my reason's for starting my blog:

 First, I love blogs because they give me ideas and ways to put outfits together. Second, blogs often suggest clothing items that are often too expensive or not accessible to me here in Columbus, Ohio. Third,  many of my friends(sometimes like today), random strangers ask me to help them put outfits together, give my honest opinion on clothing , shoes , etc.  So, I thought if I love fashion and love to help people why not start a blog.

These are my reason's for continuing it:

First, I am so grateful for the creative outlet that my blog provides me. Second, I love finding looks for less, sharing my personal style, and coming up with DIY's . Third, I would like to see my blog grow and I have a few ideas in mind to share at a later date. Forth, as a mom I think it is important for me to have something that is for "me" .

I want to thank all my family and friends that are so supportive. Also, I want to thank every person that takes the time to read or comment on my posts. It is definitely a learning experience. I didn't realize the time and effort that this would take. It takes a lot of work for something to develop into and to grow. I am so excited to see what this year brings.

This weekend is the little man's birthday party, my baby turned six! This is the only time you look cute without any teeth.

Have any big plans for the weekend?

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Do you love your boyfriends?

Well, I am actually talking about my "boyfriend" jeans and yes I love mine. They are so comfortable and can be easily dressed up or down. Some people tend to think of this style of jean as "sloppy". I think anything can be considered sloppy depending on what you pair it with. These provide an alternative jean style for your fall wardrobe.

A couple of styling tips for these jeans:
 1. Roll them up two to three times. This gives them a more polished look instead of looking like you are "actually" wearing your boyfriend's jeans.
2.When purchasing a pair, buy a shorter pair, so you will not have to roll them up as much.
3. For a more casual occasion, wear them with a pair of flats or booties.
4. When dressing them up, pair them with a pair of pumps or a dressier top. A darker color will also provide a more modern and polished look.

 I paired my "boyfriend" jeans with this embellished sweatshirt I thrifted (thrilling find) and gold accessories.
American Eagle "boyfriend" jean- Similar

Thrifted Embellished Sweatshirt- Similar

Cesca Studded Tote , Zara Basic Ankle Strap Heels

What is your favorite style of jean? Do you have a pair of boyfriend styled jeans?

Monday, October 15, 2012

Mix It Up!

Happy Monday, I hope everyone had a great weekend. Ours was great! It was filled with fall activities, soccer, and some relaxation time. My post today is on mixing prints. How do you know what will mix and what makes you look like a hot mess. These are the rules I follow for myself.

1.  When you are incorporating monochromatic color prints you can mix small and large prints freely, as I did below.  My black and cream bird sweater, from Forever 21, I layered over my thrifted cream and black polka dot shirt. To finish off the outfit, I incorporated my Gap black and white polka dot flats.
2. Prints that can be matched together are stripes and polka dots, animals and stripes , many geometric prints , and  florals can go together. The scale of the print is important, generally you want to mix a large and smaller print together.
3. Since it is fall, layering is a great way to mix prints, because as seen in my photo below my sweater only allows you to see a little bit of the polka dotted shirt. Layering mix prints is a great way to slowly try this trend.
4. If you want to try use a different color schemed mix print , take one color out of the print to focus on. For example, my floral shirt includes the colors green, navy, and white. So, my print that I coordinate with it will include one of those colors.

The Rockstar Skinny Jean- Old Navy, Soaring Bird Print Sweater- Forever 21,

Thrifted cream and black polka dot silk shirt -Similar, Gap Polka Dot Flats - Similar

Do you like mixing prints? Do you have a favorite print for fall?

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Friday, October 12, 2012

And the Sunshine Award goes to......

This past week, I had the best news. I won a Sunshine Award from Catherine at Not Dressed As Lamb. This is such an honor, because I adore her blog and style. She is so witty and I think she has true "originality" in her style. I really appreciate this award from such an outstanding blogger. It is nice to be acknowledged, so thank you Catherine.

This is Catherine's Design for the Award and you can get it here.

So! The Sunshine Blogger Award Rules are:

1. Include the award logo in a post and/or on your blog sidebar.

2. Link the blogger who nominated you.
3. Answer 10 questions about yourself.
4. Nominate 10 other fabulous bloggers and ask them ten questions.
5. Link your nominees to the post and comment on their blog, letting them know about the award.

So these were my ten questions from Catherine,

1. If you had to choose a totally different stage name for yourself, what would it be?
 This one is a difficult one for me, but I love being called by my last name, Teal, since it is one syllable. I know it would be one word like Prince.

 2. Excluding loved ones or pets, what one material possession would you save if your house was on fire? I would save the bracelet my husband got me after my two children was born. It has charms that are each engraved with something about each of my children. I love it!

3. Who's the first celebrity you can remember having a crush on?
 The first celebrity I can remember having a crush on would be  Kirk Cameron (Mike Seaver) off of the show Growing Pains. He was delicious back in the day.

4. What's the best compliment you've ever had?
 My husband is always complimenting me. I am so lucky he tells me all the time that I am a great mother. My son gave me the sweetest compliment this summer, he told me "Mom you are so beautiful". I thought this was so sweet because he doesn't say things like that to me.

5. If you could only ever listen to one band/artist for the rest of your life, who would it be?
 This is also a tough question, because this may be surprising to you guys, but I love 80's hair bands like Def Leopard and White Lion. But if I could only pick one band it would be the Beatles. There music makes me feel so good and think of memories that have occurred throughout my life.

6. Who would you want to play you in a movie about your life?
Not sure about this one, but I would probably ask Winona Ryder. I have been told many times in my life I look like her.

7. What is your favourite part of your body or appearance?
My favorite thing about my appearance is I love my short hair. It is so easy and I think it fits me perfectly. My favorite body part would be my eyes. When I was a kid everyone would say, " you have the prettiest brown eyes." I hated it then, but love it now.

8. If you were to win an Olympic gold medal in any sport, skill or pastime, what would it be (e.g. spoon playing, procrastinating, ironing, party planning, etc.)?
I would win a gold medal in sleeping in. I can sleep like a champ. I go and go all week, so sometimes I crash on the weekend to recharge my battery. One Sunday, I sleep until 11:00 had breakfast and went back to bed at 2:00 p.m until the next morning.

9. What is your favourite all-time TV show?
This is easy, I was a LOST junkie. I couldn't wait until that show came on every week. I had to watch it the second it came on and not DVR it. The funny thing my husband predicted the finally when the show first started. It was a great show!

10. Which celebrity's wardrobe would you most like to own?
I would love to own Rachel Bison's wardrobe. I love that she doesn't have one set style. She incorporates many things into her wardrobe.

 An the Sunshine award goes alphabetical order . I love all of these blogs. They give me inspiration and the ladies that write them are amazing, so make sure to check them out. My top ten fav's are:

1. A Rich Life on a Budget
2. H&K Style Journey
3. Heart and Soul
4.Life As Leah
5..Porcelain Complexion
6.Roots, Wings, and Other Things
7.TF Diaries
8.The Forge
9. The Pleated Poppy
10. VJuliet 

And my questions for them are:

1. Why did you start your blog?
2. What is most coveted item in your closet?
3. Who in your life most inspires you?
4. Do you choose carry out or cook in?
5. Do you prefer heels or flats?
6. What is the best book that you read in the last 6 months (besides Fifty Shades of Gray)?
7.  What is your biggest pet peeve?
8. What is your favorite childhood memory?
9. What do you like to do when your friends and you get together?
10. Where do you get your style inspiration from?

Thanks again to Catherine and have a great weekend.

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Transforming that summer dress into fall- Part 2

Well, I know I normally start out happy Wednesday, but I think I will be happier on Friday. We have a little bug running through the family. I think I will be the last to get it, but hopefully it will skip me. In the mean time this week, I am working on transforming my summer dresses into fall. I wore this dress here.  These are a few things I do before trying a new look:
1. Have 2 different layering looks in mind and try on both before you plan to wear it.
2. Ask someones opinion- I usually ask my daughter. She is a kid and has no filter, so I know I will get an honest answer.
3. If you don't care what about other people's opinion go with what makes YOU feel good.

For the first layer of this outfit, I used a men's style vest. It is pin striped. Smaller prints are great mix with larger prints. Mixing prints can take a little while to get used to and might have you feeling like you don't match. Don't worry this season you are not supposed to match.

For my next layering piece, I added a simple black blazer. By rolling up the sleeves, adding a pair of black cowboy boots, and a cream pair of tights this look is very casual.

 In previous years, I have used summer dresses in the fall . But I enjoyed this recent challenge, because it gave some of my older pieces new life. Also, it helped me not to run around in the morning to figure out what I am going to wear after I get the kids ready.

Do you plan out your outfits or do you pick it out spontaneously? What you do before you try a new look?

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Monday, October 8, 2012

Transforming that summer dress into fall- Part 1

 Happy Monday! I hope everyone had a great weekend. One thing I noticed this weekend was the temperature change. I felt like it went from very warm to very cold. Many people pack away their summer clothes and bring out the fall/ winter wear. I put some things away, but I try to incorporate many pieces throughout the year.  I am dedicating the next two posts to transforming your summer dress into your fall attire. I bought this dress this summer at the thrift store and can be seen here. Many different types of dresses can be incorporated into your fall wardrobe by layering a couple of pieces.

In this first outfit, I took the same dress and paired it with a floral denim shirt from Target and a burgundy sweater from H&M. Adding a skinny belt over your sweater helps define your waistline. I accomplished being warm (because my work was really cold!) and found a way to incorporate this dress into fall.
Braided Skinny Belt - SimilarXhilaration: Western Floral Denim Shirt, H&M- Burgundy Cable Jumper 

This second outfit, I went for a more casual look. I took off the belt and added a pair of western style brown boots. I love the brown boots contrasting against the black dress. Its important that an outfit accomplished two things for me: one, I feel great and two, I can maintain my style.
Blowfish Boots- Similar

In the fall, I tend to wear pants more often than skirts or dresses (just because I can't stand to be cold). My goal for my next few posts are to take a few of my summer dresses and incorporate them into my fall attire.

Which outfit is your favorite? Do you wear your summer dresses in the fall? Are you one to pack away your summer clothes and only use them for summer?

Friday, October 5, 2012

Watch out there is a new store in town

One of my good friends told me to check out this new consignment shop, because she knows I am always on the lookout for a unique treasure. The stores name is called CIVETTA and stands for:

This acronym defines what this store offers. There is a little bit of something for everyone.
There are 4 women that have designed this warehouse into a fabulous consignment shop. Those women are Judy Kellogg, Donna Robare, Julie White, and Dana Fularz. I had the privilege of meeting Judy, Donna, and Dana. I must say they are the nicest ladies. I was interested in a table, but I needed the measurements. I asked for a tape measure and they were happy to help. They have designed the store to use all space including upper levels as seen in the photo above. They offer furniture, lamps, frames, pottery, artwork, jewelry, custom pillows and so much more.

Well, I bought that table and it fit perfectly. I love the detail of the black drawers with the cream knobs. It is a great addition to my entryway. I bought a few other items and can't wait to go back to see what other treasures I can uncover.

If you are ever near Columbus, Ohio definitely come check this store out. They are open from Wednesday- Saturday 10 am- 5 pm. If you need more specific information check them out at I think it is great to help small businesses.

Have a great weekend? Do you have any plans?

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

DIY: Studded Blazer

Happy Wednesday. I had chance to finish a DIY, hooray! This one is a quick one and I have got a ton of compliments on this blazer. I bought this blazer at the thrift store last fall. I liked it because of the herringbone print and contrasting material on the sleeves. It needed a little embellishment (not really), so I had been holding onto these spikes that I got from my trip in NYC. I decided they were meant for this blazer. I know I have been doing lots of DIY's involving embellishing, but I just love it. I can't promise this will be my last, I still may have a DIY or two up my sleeve.

For this project you need the following materials:

A blazer, I thrifted this one for $5.00 last fall.

I got these spikes on my trip to NYC, but you can get them online M&J Trimmings.

These are 3/8" Tiny spike w/screw and are here.
I found this pin utensil in the metal section of Hobby Lobby

Step 1: Start in the top right hand corner of the lapel of the blazer. Push the pin tool threw and twist to form a hole.

Step 2:Then, push the spike threw and twist on. You can use a flat head screw driver to make sure they are on tight.

Step 3: Measure 2 inches from the spike. I used a tape measure. Then insert the pin tool and repeat step 1.

Step 4: Keep repeating the measuring and inserting the spike around the lapel.

Step 5: Continue until the bottom of the lapel is complete and your studded blazer is finished.

Now, I have added a little edge to a conservative blazer.

Have you embellished anything lately? Do you have any printed blazers for fall?

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