Wednesday, April 4, 2012

DIY: Nautical Statement Necklace

Statement necklaces are a huge trend this spring. When it comes to accessories, I feel that the bigger the better. Nautical is one of my favorite designs because it never seems to go out of style. I have been wanting to make a nautical accessory and this necklace turned out fabulous!

This nautical statement necklace can be made in a few simple steps. (First time trying out Instagram,  I love it)

On a recent trip to Lowes, I found these Rigid steel conduit locknuts (I don't know what they are used for, except they are perfect for my necklace). For this DIY, you will need a total of eight locknuts. I bought ten, to have a few to spare. You will need four 1 1/2 inch, two 1 1/4 inch, and two 1 inch locknuts. These come in packs of two, ranging from $1.21 to $1.42. Other materials you will need are bright red spray paint (adheres to metal), twine, scissors, Quick hold craft glue, one figure 8 clasp, and assorted pieces of nautical material.

Step 1: Lay out the locknuts on a cardboard surface and spray both sides with the red spray paint.  Let dry overnight for each side.
Step 2: Lay your desired pattern out before starting to connect the locknuts. I actually changed the design around a couple of times before deciding on the one for the final outcome.
Step 3: Apply the craft glue and then wrap the twine around three times. Then apply glue to hold the twine together.

Step 4: Continue to repeat step 3 using the twine to connect the locknuts. When the glue dries, the twine is held tightly in place.
Step 5: After connecting all of your locknuts, reapply some glue to the twine and set off to dry overnight.
Step 6- Take your pieces of material and trace around the locknut, then cut out. I chose different pieces of nautical prints. My mom had random pieces because she quilts. An alternative is to go to a fabric store. Many times they offer a sample which would be the perfect size for any of these locknuts. (Then it's free!)
Step 7: Apply glue to the back of the locknut and the twine.
Step 8: Repeat step 7 until all locknuts have been filled with material.
Looks awesome with American Eagle navy and white dress and accenting red sweater.
 Love how it turned out! A trend this spring is mixing prints and this necklace is perfect for that. You could make this necklace with other material. I thought it would look great sprayed gold with black twine. The options are unlimited.

    Do you wear nautical? Do you think this is a trend that never goes out of style?


  1. How cool! I love it - you never cease to amaze me, Carrie.

    I do like the nautical look - need to work on a nautical outfit with my red pants.
    xo, A

  2. I totally agree, bigger is better when it comes to jewellery.
    Very cool, it almost looks a bit like a patchwork dream catcher xo

  3. Wow you make it look so easy! Love the fabric behind the nuts and the way you mixed patterns!


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