Wednesday, April 18, 2012

DIY: Peter Pan Necklace

There are many types of Peter-Pan necklaces. Of all the Peter-Pan necklaces that I have attempted to make, this is my favorite. It was so easy and I actually made it while my kids were playing outside (that is why many of the photos are taken on cement).

Materials needed for this project are 18 gauge hanger wires, wire cutters, pliers, bead/pearls, gold spray paint, thread, needle and scissors.
I found this wire at Home Depot. I liked it because it was bendable, but very sturdy. I have a lot of it, because it came only in one size for $7.00.

I took this picture so you know exactly what kind of wire to buy.

Step 1: Cut the amount of  desired wire. I cut more than I needed and measured around my neck. Then, I adjusted the length of the wire. Using the pliers bend one end in a "U" shape as shown.

Step 2: Fold the "U" shape completely back and use 1/2 inch of cut of wire to wrap around as shown.

Step 3: String the desired amount of pearls/beads onto the necklace. I used pearls because I had 2 old pearl necklaces (Don't worry! They weren't real!)

Step 4: When you get to the part that you would like to be the middle of your necklace, bend the necklace with the pliers. It will look like the shape of a heart.

Step 5: At the end, curve back the wire into another "U" shape.

Step 6: Twist another 1/2 inch of wire around the end of the pearls. This is so they will not slide off and stay in place. Then, cut off the excess wire.

Step 7: In the middle of the necklace, tie thread into a knot. Another alternative to thread is using elastic.

Step 8: Thread the pearls through the needle, make sure to have an equal amount on the right and left side of the necklace. I used 10 pearls and then I counted up 18 beads before tying onto each side.

Step 9: This step is optional. I painted my necklace for two reasons.  One, I love gold so much lately and two, my pearls did not match. If you use the same type of beads, this step is not necessary.

This necklace can be worn with so many things. I loved it with this tank top maxi or with a t-shirt and jeans.

I would love to hear what you think. I would love to hear if you like DIY Wednesdays!

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  1. This is gorgeous! I can't believe you made it. Such talent! x

  2. this is so cleaver luv it dear so chic

  3. super cute necklace, great idea!


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