Friday, March 9, 2012

Relaxed Style

This outfit is very reflective of my personal style - comfortable, relaxed, but put together. I love converse. I can wear them with a variety of outfits.  I was admiring this skirt from the Gap. This skirt sits low on your hips and is right above your knee (so not too short).
This photo has a funny story I must share. My awesome brother, who has been so supportive of my blog, often takes pictures for me on nice days. Well, we are very different in the aspect that I am a risk taker and he is much more cautious. I saw this cool train and thought it would make an awesome picture. So this is how our conversation went :
Me: "Let's go right in front of the train."
Him: "I think we could maybe get in trouble, there are two guys standing over there."
Me: "Nah, it will just be a quick picture."
Him: "I think it might be breaking some sort of law..."
Me: "Well, there is no trespassing sign, so we're all good."
It turned out I didn't get as close to the train as I would like, because he had me all worried.  I still love the background. Does anyone know if you can get in trouble for getting on a train that is in a train yard (just for future reference)?

Green Mini Skirt -Gap, Floral Shirt-similar, J.Crew - Converse -navy,

If you have a little extra time this weekend check out Grace at Stripes and Sequins post on Celine F12, and  Sarah at Yellow Cape Cod on a traditional home office design, and Will at Bright Bazzar Book Review: Flea Market Chic. They are all great reads and may give you a few ideas for spring. I hope everyone has a great weekend.


  1. Darling outfit - so springy! I love that shade of green.

    I am more like your brother - would be worrying that I would get in trouble. I have no idea about train rules and etiquette but I would guess that it's probably against the rules to get on them for legal/insurance reasons - like if you were to get hurt, they would be liable (my 18 months of law school just came in handy.. Imagine that!)

    Have a great weekend!

    1. Thanks, I didn't know you went to law school. I love that I learn something new about you all the time- I love it!

  2. The whole look is spot on.

  3. Converse are the most comfortable shoes ever made!

    Love that green skirt, it's such a great colour <3

    1. I know I have the basic colors for converse, black, blue, and white.

  4. I think it could be extremely illegal (Which is more than just illegal). Your brother sounds really wise. It's a good thing you bring him along!


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