Wednesday, March 7, 2012

DIY: Inspiration Prada Flower Earrings

 These Prada earrings are so beautiful. They would not be an everyday accessory for me, so spending $540 on them was not practical. So, that means DIY time. It is amazing when I actually have an hour to spare and can walk around a craft store, how easily I become inspired. I have many people that often comment that they don't have the time or they don't know how I have the time to devote to these projects. Most of the DIY projects I have completed for my blog are not time consuming. The time consuming part comes in deciding on the idea and finding the supplies needed (that's what makes DIY posts so valuable).  If you follow these steps and get the supplies, these beautiful earrings can be made in a half hour and then dry for about a total of an hour.  The drying time is long enough to take a bath without being interrupted, or catch up on your DVR.  (I know, wishful thinking!)

Prada Flower Earrings - Retail  $540.00.

These three red flowers are available at Hobby Lobby. They also sell the rhinestone chain needed. I got both of these for half off.

You will also need to buy flat post/clutches. Other supplies will be rhinestone brads (in the scrapbooking asile), pliers, E-6000 craft glue, thin jewelry wire, and scissors.

First step: Detach the last flower with pliers. I did not think the top flower was "full" enough, so I decided to put the little flower in the center of the big flower.  Put a dab of E-6000 glue in the center of the larger flower and place the small flower inside.

Second step: After completing step one with both flowers, let them dry and place off to the side.

Third step: Take the pliers and bend the brad off the back of the large rhinestone. You will need to measure the amount of rhinestone chain needed. You will put glue on the chain and place it around the rhinestone brad.  Hold it on for about 25 seconds and then let it dry.
This is what it should look like when finished.

Fourth Step: Use the pliers to attach the connector rings to each flower and close the ring shut. Take one rhinestone from the rhinestone strip and glue with the E-6000 into the small flower.

Fifth Step: Using the thin jewelry wire connect the flower and the diamond jewel. You will need to thread it under the chain that goes around the diamond jewel. Tie in a knot, pull tight, then cut off.

Sixth Step: Using the E-6000 glue, glue the earring backing to the back of the large red flower.

I  wore them to work with a black dress and a zebra print sweater. They look heavy, but they are not. I would recommend wearing the flat backing to give the flower support.
I love the finished product.


  1. Very creative and turned out really pretty!
    Love Lois xxx

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  3. you are amazing! i like this better than the prada ones. :)


    1. Thanks so much, that is an amazing compliment.

  4. I must agree, these are nicer than the Prada ones.

  5. These are so cool! I like yours more that the prada!! You must be very creative xx

  6. I loved this DIY! I'm following you now, great blog!

    xoxo Julieta


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