Wednesday, March 28, 2012

DIY: Butterfly Terrarium Spring Centerpiece

The beautiful weather put me in the mood to work on a few spring projects! I told you once it gets warm, I will also be doing household DIYs. So for DIY Wednesday, I decided to conquer this butterfly spring centerpiece featured in Martha Stewart's magazine Real Simple (Thanks to my great friends that save their magazines for me)!
This is the exact centerpiece, but the one featured in the magazine had a dome over the centerpiece.
For me, the butterflies are what makes the centerpiece with their vibrant colors. This centerpiece is so easy to make and you might have many of the supplies needed around your house.

Supplies needed are large and small butterflies, bird nest, moss, rock, sticks, gold spray paint, feather, glass terrarium, scissors, E-6000 glue (or hot glue), and newspaper. Most of these items can be found at your local craft store.

 Step 1: find a large rock and spray paint it gold.

Step 2: Find five sticks and tie them with anything at the bottom to form a tripod. I used some plastic jewelry string, but regular string would work also. You will also need a feather.
Step 3: Take the sticks and the feather and lightly spray sporadically.  Let the rock, sticks, and the feather dry.
Step 4: Place the stick arrangement, rock, and feather in the terrarium.

Step 5: Select which butterflies you want to use and glue them in your desired placement.

Step 6: Then place the bird nest behind the stick arrangement. I used moss covered balls I already had.  Two other options would be to use regular moss or natural stones. One other option I incorporated was to use old scrabble letters to form the word "spring." I glued them together with E-6000 glue.
This large terrarium was purchased in December at an after Christmas special for $25.00 at a vintage shop.  I love it and will keep it out for every different season. They do sell similar ones at West Elm, but are a little more expensive. This centerpiece is very easy and not time consuming. I had all the supplies, except the butterflies.  You may have many of these supplies, or can always improvise. 
Do you make different centerpieces for the seasons? Where do you get your ideas? Would this be a centerpiece you would try to make?


  1. I love this centerpiece! I also love urge added touch of the scrabble letters. I love to decorate my house for the seasons. Much like you, I look in magazines or in stores for inspiration and then create the piece on my own.

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  3. What a great DIY. I've never done a centrepiece before, perhaps now I'll change that

  4. I so enjoy your diy posts. I used to be quite creative. Things change and time is limited! Sooooo, show me the creative bright side of you in my new Trending Link up!
    Have a good Friday!

  5. Carrie, I am hands down a Good Will 50% girl. I used to do yard sales but find GW suits me and my time limitations perfectly! I don't always score and buy in advance of trends. By knowing what colors and trends are being talked about early on I look for things and hope they will work out. So far so good! If they don't work out, oh well what have I lost!!! Have a good week and thanks for stopping by. Oh, I just put up a post about our cabin. Lot's of things made and or thrifted I think you'll like it

  6. How pretty! Thanks for the inspiration and nicely done tutorial. I think that idea could be transformed for every season.


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