Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Thoughts on Pleggings

I hope everyone is having a great week. I am because we had a  hint of spring weather and I found out that my thrifted Steve Madden Intyce boots in this photo, that were $4.00, are still in the stores for $129. 00. Score!! Now, to the post at hand. I was recently reading a magazine that was asking the question, "Since when, did leggings become pants?"  Personally, I have been wearing leggings more as pants. The reason for this are there is a larger variety of patterns of leggings. Now for a random thought I have been having, since I am wearing leggings more often as pants I like to call them pleggings. Actually, I looked up pleggings in the urban dictionary. It defines pleggings as leather leggings. To me, it makes more sense that pants leggings are pleggings, like jeans leggings are jeggings( just my thoughts). Now, even though I do seem to be wearing them more often as pants, I do follow the rule of covering my back side. I follow this rule for two reasons, number one I am a mom and my daughters role model. Also, because usually legging material is not as thick as denim and it can be unflattering.

F21 Floral Leggings- Similar, F21- High and Low Sweater, Thrifted Sleeveless Denim Shirt- Similar, Thrifted Intyce boots - Found them at Steve Madden

I had the best news yesterday, I was featured in's Mom Fashion Bloggers to Watch in 2013. I am so excited to be included with these ladies that have a great sense of style and are mom's.

Do you wear leggings as pants or just for causal like working out?
I am linking up for WWIW at The Pleated Poppy.


  1. I love your pleggings! I can't pull of the legging look unless they are under a dress, but I admire the people who can.I also admire the pretty patterns in the leggings.


  2. I've never heard the name "pleggings" before but I think it makes complete sense!! I think people are drawn to them because they can still be stylish as well as comfortable!


  3. These printed leggings look really great on you!
    I normally prefer slim printed trousers and wear leggings at home.
    Lady of Style

  4. You look great in leggings!

    I like leggings and sometimes where them as pants but I tend to feel pant less in them. I make sure sure to wear an additional layer underneath.

  5. Your floral leggings look great on you. I personally don't tend to wear them much because they seem to make my legs look too thin.

  6. Cool! I love the pleggings! You look amazing! kisses chris


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