Friday, January 25, 2013

The weather is cold outside, so get a project on!

This post is slightly long, but I love decorating. It is something I am passionate about and lately I am getting the itch again. I think if you live on the East coast or Midwest you would agree the temps have been slightly chilly. This weekend isn't looking much better, so pick a small room or two to redo. The first picture is of my laundry room. Most people are like hmm Carrie, you do laundry in there! Yes, I do and I unfortunately spend a lot of time in there and that is why I want it to be nice. 
The lighting in this room used to be this dull light. Well, I was talking to a friend of mine telling her I wanted to put a chandelier in there and she said, "I have one in my basement you can have."

She had this sweet number in her basement that she purchased at the thrift store for $3.00! So, it became mine. Thanks Cathi!

I took all the crystals off (gave the to my mom) because I am not a crystals gal. Sprayed it black and it was as good as new.
Took down my old light and put the new on up, all by myself.

So this was my room after light was up.
 A few weeks ago, I was feeling like I wanted to repaint my laundry room. I really wanted a rust color. The best way to pick a paint color is hang the ones you are interested in on the wall for a few days. Eliminate them as you walk by and that will eventually leave you with a winner. I love the change it can make and that it can be done in a weekend. The funny thing is my daughter walked in last night and said, "when did you paint this room."

So you say Carrie, I don't feel like painting, let's go to my second room. You could give your bathroom a make over. Bathrooms are easy because they are such a small space. I decorated my  master bathroom for under $60 and that is with some new towels.
This cabinet I have had. This was a little number I picked up at the thrift store $4.00. I think it was an old t.v. cabinet. I broke off a few things and covered the back with material. For my bathroom make over I recovered the back with some new material adding some new life.

You can also display jewelry in your bathroom. I use glass vases to display my bracelets. The metal basket was in my kitchen holding nothing useful. Make-up basket in the middle, just reorganized- needed desperately.

Add a new shower curtain. I actually don't need a shower curtain , these are glass sliding doors. I just like the texture a shower curtain adds.  T. J. Maxx on clearance $16.00. I had this full length mirror already. Every one should have one to check out the front and the back!

Adding a new rug in your bathroom can make a great difference.  This rug was $14.00 at T. J. Maxx. My mom hooked me up and made my curtain. Material for that was  $4.00.

I usually only have my mercury pieces out at Christmas, but I changed my bathroom to gray and neutral tones, so I thought these would work great around my tub. I love the silhouette is oh my husband when he was little.

These are more pieces I had around the house. Also, you need a magazine when in the tub.

When I am decorating a room I try to use things around the house I already have. You really don't need to buy more stuff, just rearrange the things you have. Also, shop around at places like T.J. Maxx, Marshall's, and Home Goods you really do get more for your money. That's why I show you the prices, even at Target (which I love) you are going to pay a lot more and not get these type of products.

I want to thank all of you for your support with the Circle of Moms Fashion and Beauty Contest.
Have a great weekend? Do you have a project to tackle or plans?


  1. Carrie, both rooms look lovely. I am especially envious of your laundry room. Mine is a disaster. It doubles as our only storage area. That is one room I would love to take on as soon as I'm stronger. Have a good weekend!!

  2. Both of your rooms looks almost exactly like mine, scale -wise. I am so inspired to show my husband what you did and have us do it too!

  3. I love both those rooms. They look wonderful!


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