Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Red, White, and the Blues

Do you ever feel like your life is the like the movie "Groundhog Day", where each day is the same and is repeated over and over? I feel like this is especially true if you have kids. Your day starts with getting the kids up, shoving breakfast down every body's stomachs, and racing out the door to get everyone to school and work. Then we work, pick everyone up from childcare, do homework, make dinner- you get the point. So, to brighten these days and switch it up, you can change up your style or get a hobby. I try to do both. I am right now working on a project that I will be sharing later. Recently, I found this printed skirt at Target for $19.00. I have been really impressed with Target's merchandise lately. I feel like the print and material of this skirt makes it look like a more high-end item. This skirt is the only new item in this outfit and for me it really changed it up.

Xhilaration Belted Skirt,  Blue Wool Blazer- Similar

These are a few skirts that gave me inspiration for mine.
J.Crew Voile Skirt in Stripe
PS Navy Jacquard Polka Dot Skirt
Georgina Pleated Skirt

 How do your break up the routine of life's daily chores? What is your favorite store to shop at?

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  1. Making plans to see friends for a walk and a coffee is one way to break up any monotony.
    My favorite high-end place to shop would be Nordstrom but for lower cost clothes, I love my local Goodwill!
    Love your look, especially with the cute T-shirt.

  2. Yes, Ground Hog's Day is a great analogy for the day to day in our house too at times.

    That skirt is soooooooo cute!! I shop all over, but for some reason Goodwill and Target have been in heavy rotation? Go figure! Maybe I am too lazy to venture elsewhere? SMH

  3. live for target lately too. just snatch an amazing winter fedora.

    (whisper) the everyday collection (dramatic pause) at target

  4. Love your skirt! So very cute! ;)


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