Friday, June 14, 2013

Friday Frugality- End Table Makeover

Happy Friday! This Friday's find was a thrifted. My mom found these two end tables at the thrift store for $8.99 each. They both had great character and no structural work needed. This project is simple, but can make a big change.

First, I did not like the original walnut color, so I decided to paint the end table. I chose to do a two-tone color. I liked the original hardware and you would not be able to see the hardware on the brown paint. Both of these paint colors I already had from previous projects.

 Second,  I knew I wanted this piece to have some character. I loved this clock print  stencil from Hobby Lobby for $2.98. There are so many unique and modern stencils available. For the stencil, tape it down and lightly brush your paint. Make sure to wipe the back every time you reuse the stencil, so you will not have smudging.

Third, put hardware back on your piece and voila we are finished.

With a little paint and less than $25.00, you can transform your end tables into something with some character. I hope everyone has a great Happy Father's Day weekend.


  1. cute! much more interesting and unique after the makeover.

  2. Wow, homerun! This looks really chic and highend!


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