Monday, June 10, 2013

Date Night

Hi everyone! I hope everyone had a great weekend. This weekend my man and I were lucky to have quick date night. This usually involves one of our favorite Mexican restaurants. I think it's important to spend time with your significant other without the rugrats, even if it's for an hour. I always tell my kids, because of course they want to go with us, that before they came along it was mom and dad, and it will be that way when they leave. We often get so wrapped up in family things that you forget to take a moment for yourselves. So, this is what I wore on our date. It was a little chillier at night, so I paired my new leggings(no tag), that I consigned, with my Rubbish cream shirt.

 Consigned Olive Leggings -Similar,
Rubbish Burnout Muscle Tee

What does your date night attire consists of ?

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  1. Great date night look! Thanks for sharing it with Visible Monday : >

  2. I always wear heels on date night. My husband likes it and it's pretty much the only time he sees me in them. I'm usually in my jammie pants by the time he makes it home in the evenings!

  3. Great look! On the rare occasion that the hubby and I get to go out I always wear something a little more "fancy" than I would wear any other day. That usually means something tight, probably black and some crazy heels that I would never be able to wear running around with kids :)

  4. Good for you ... not only do you look great you use your noggin! Nice for boys to know how the women in their lives should be treated ... one day, they won't think it odd that their girlfriends or wives want to get away from the rugrats for a few minutes.

    We usually do Mexican as well, or some variety of Asian. We shop for the pub twice a week at least in the Big City (only kinda big for down here)so we dine out ... I dress a bit, but then I always dress up.


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