Friday, May 24, 2013

Friday Finds- Practical

Today's find is practical. Sometimes accessories in fashion have no practical use, but I found something for me that has totally been invaluable. On our way to Disney over spring break, I spotted this girl with a wristlet that contained her IPhone. This was how I discovered the Kate Spade IPhone wristlet. I don't know about you, but I am constantly dropping my phone and can't often find it in my giant purse. I use this wristlet as a wallet, when I need it I grab it by itself. It is slightly expensive at $70.00, but it makes a great gift for someone or yourself!

Kate Spade 'Summer Cork' IPhone 5 Wristlet

I got this Kate Spade black and white striped wristlet. The only drawback with this wristlet is it is for the newer IPhone model, everything else about it is fabulous!!
Kate Spade Stripe IPhone 5 Wristlet

I found a few from Michael Kors that would work for some other IPhone models. 

Micheal Kors IPhone Clutch
Micheal Kors IPhone Python Wristlet

I hope everyone has a great long weekend? Do you have a favorite?


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