Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Expression ?

Hello readers, sorry I haven't posted in a while. The madness has stopped and now I can blog. I read a comment on Facebook today that has stuck in my mind. It stated," 85% of women say that they are not controlled by fashion, but that it is an expression of their personality." I feel like this is a  statement I can truly relate to. For example, in this post I am featuring a Gap denim dress that I thrifted. This dress was very dark and for me not a "likable" dark. I actually tried this dress on, liked the fit, but despised the color. So, I thought about it for a day and decided to go back and buy it. I then brought out my new favorite chemical "bleach". I have been bleaching many things, but with dress I used a brushing technique. For this affect, I laid the dress in the bath tub and made a solution of half bleach and water. Then, I dipped the brush into the bucket and applied even strokes until I got the desired effect. I wish I had taken a before picture, but I have done so many DIY's on bleach I wasn't going to use this as one. But it is one of my favorite maxi's now. You say,"Carrie what does this have to do with the Facebook statement." Well, I like to take something in fashion and make it my own. This dress reflects my personality. This is my favorite thing about fashion, not how much something cost, not what label, but how I feel when I wear something and how it reflects me! This is the reason I named my blog Expressive Style.

Gap Thrifted Maxi Dress- Similar

Do you think your style is a reflection of you?

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  1. Yes, this is absolutely an expression of your taste, style and creativity. You did a really fine job on this ... I never fail to be impressed with your personal style.
    So much of what I wear is what is available and not what I would like. There is little here but discount and junior departments. What I post is, of course, what I wear, but my essential taste is often quite different. A large lottery win would change my expression entirely! True for all of us, I suppose.
    Have a great week, Carrie.

  2. I love the dress, Carrie! Before I even read your post I was marveling at the beautiful tie-dye effect and colour. It is just stunning on you, and I can't even imagine the darker colour on you.

    I think my style reflects the essential me - it changes somewhat and is always a little fluid, and I don't know if I ever really have a certain "look", but I always feel like I'm being me. The paradox is that thrfting allows me to experiment with different styles. Somehow it all gels. :)

  3. Love the dress and I do agree that true style is about expressing yourself. I love thrifting because I find one-of-a-kind pieces that are not "on trend" and I dont' believe in buyng "labels" even though I can afford them.

    What do you mean "chemical bleach" btw ?
    Is that different than regular store bought bleach ?

  4. I really need to look at some of your tutorials on bleach... I've wanted to do some bleaching on things but never had the guts (or knowledge)! Love the way this dress turned out. I love your style and this is definitely "you"- unique, original and gorgeous!

  5. The dress looks great in a lighter denim, I imagine it might have looked a little too much, too overwhelming in a dark wash. You manage to look very chic and relaxed boho/hippy chick at the same time, that's a fine achievement!
    Yes, style is all about showing some creativity, some personality, I think. Buying/wearing what everyone else buys/wears doesn't really do that. I think what I wear is a reflection of me - a bit odd and eccentric, usually, but hopefully colourful and interesting! xxx

  6. Ohmygosh I love this so, so much it makes me want to search one out on eBay and copy your DIY. So. Freaking. Cool.


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