Monday, May 13, 2013


 Hello everyone, I hope you had a fabulous weekend. My mother's day weekend included a little shopping and dinner with my friend Molly on Friday. Saturday, I went to one of my annual garage sales and got some great finds. Lastly, on Sunday I slept in, and finally watch Silver Linings Playbook.
 For this post, these days I am all about style and comfort. These Mimi Chica pants serve very well  for both of these purposes. These pants are from the juniors section at Nordstrom. I think most junior size clothing could fit many women. So, what are some of the differences between juniors and the women's sections. Juniors tend to offer more clothing on trend, straighter cuts, more form fitting clothing, and sizing tends to be in odd numbers like 1, 3, etc. Women's sections are more classic styles, cuts can be different in hips and bust, and sizes are even numbers like 0, 2,4, etc. If I am looking for something on trend, I generally can find it at a cheaper price than in the women's section, this is especially true for accessories.

Mimi Chica Woven Pants , Minnetonka Sandals- Similar

Tiffany & Co. Beaded Silver bracelet, Stella and Dot Gold Spike Bracelet

Do you always shop in one section or do you sometimes branch off into others?

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  1. Loving those pants! They are super trendy but so relaxed - and the green is great on you too. Glad to have stumbled onto your blog today.

    Pink Chai Style

  2. LOVE those pants - I am a huge fan of patterned trousers:) Have you checked out the TopShop range at Nordstrom - they have some really fun items!

  3. Loving these graphic pants! Thanks for sharing your fab look with Visible Monday.

  4. I definitely still shop in the juniors depts as some stores. At some department stores, the women/misses sections are overwhelming. I really love your pants, they look great on you. The bold pattern is so fun!

  5. This combination of color and pattern is lush! Really rich, and you look great in this outfit!
    I have to shop juniors ... so often, that's all there is around here! I'm short, and within junior sizing, but I usually go a size up for a more discreet fit. I take an S to M in women/misses, 6 or 8 in size, but in juniors tops I usually go L and do alterations because, usually at the seam under the arm. M is too tight across the bust.
    But you are right.
    Shopping junior departments keeps me paying attention, because I'm way too old too look like lamb but too young to give up style. It's important to me to keep it tasteful and flattering, but appropriate.

  6. The trousers look great, fabulous print. Since I don't buy much of anything first hand anymore, it would never occur to me to look in the young/teen sections, I doubt anything would fit me anyway! But it's a good tip if the styles work for your shape. xxx

  7. Love this look! I too venture into jr. territory as my bod is a non-womanly(ish) shape. The pants always fit me better. LOVE the sandals, have the boots. I must seek them out asap!
    Nice to fine you!

  8. I am OBSESSED with those pants!


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