Tuesday, July 24, 2012

New York - Part 1 with Floral Jeans

Hi everybody, I was on a great long weekend trip to NYC and had the best time. I think it is so important to get away with your significant other without the kids every so often.  My husband and I had the best time together.  On Friday's post, I am going to give you my top 10 favorite things about my trip. I feel so inspired after going to NYC, it is definitely my muse. We all have our places that when we visit, we all can say "Ah" I'm at home. For some people, it's a vacation at the beach, skiing, lodging in the mountains, mine is NYC. I just love the way I can be myself and don't have to tone it down to"fit" into a mold. Ya know, really flourish with an expressive style in the best city in the world.

You see, my daughter is always in my stuff as most girls are. She is constantly wearing my high heels. I even let her wear them one day wear them to Hobby Lobby. She click-clopped all down the aisles proudly with her size 2 feet in my 6 1/2  pumps. Just one night last week, she was wearing them outside walking around the neighborhood and trying to look sophisticated. She does it because she likes it! So, what does that have to do with NYC!

In New York City anyone and I mean anyone, can wear heels or absolutely anything they want and no one cares. I love it and honestly I know my daughter will have her uniqueness and individually.  One day of our trip, I wore this outfit while Ryan took a picture of me outside of the Metropolitan Museum.
Almost Famous Floral Jeans

    I had been looking for a floral jeans or pants. These really caught my eye because while they were floral, they weren't to overbearing with the print.

A few other pairs of floral jeans I found were:
ASOS floral Jean

J Brand Floral

ASOS- River Island Jean
 We also on this day went to Central Park. I actually changed into my flip flops to walk through the grass and a bee stung me. The bee wanted me to remember my walk.  We also took a bicycle ride though the park where I learned many cool awesome facts and took many pictures. 
This is the fountain they used in the beginning of the Friends T.V show. Also, those two buildings in the background, were the buildings used in the Ghostbuster's movie.

Have you bought any floral items this summer? Where do you get your muse?


  1. You look fab Carrie! Love your floral jeans:)

  2. love this look on you! so new york and chic! :)


  3. carrie, those pants look amazing on you! you look like a new yorker--so stylish. :) you have a fab figure. :)


  4. Thanks Jasmine, that's so sweet of you to say.

  5. This outfit is dynamite! You look so, so fabulous in those pants. I mean you owned them...makes me want a pair!

  6. hi Carrie, this look is so cool! I love the jeans so much!
    kisses chris

  7. Gorgeous! I love your look! Thanks so much for linking up with Work It Wednesday!

    Laura @ A Little Bit of Lacquer


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