Wednesday, July 11, 2012

DIY- Gold and Silver Glitter Clutch

I bought this clutch at the thrift store and got a little bored of the neutral color.  I bought some Mod Podge and have been a little maniac with the glitter. You can pretty much glitter any plain clutch, so before you get rid of it, revamp it (or send it to me:). For my friends birthday lunch I made her a different glitter clutch and I think she loved it. I have a couple of other clutches that I will be redoing. This summer, I have been wearing a lot of gold and silver together, so I wanted to make a clutch that was two-toned. This DIY  was easy and turned out great.
Step 1: Find a clutch that you want to redo.

Step 2: Materials needed are gold and silver glitter, masking  tape, foam sponge brushed, paper plate.

Step 3: Tape the clutch off and make sure it goes continuously on both sides.

Step 4: Mix Mod Podge with silver glitter and paint over one side. I did one side at a time.

Step 5: I painted about 5 coats, or you want to until you can not see the clutch- only glitter. Then rip off the tape only until the bottom, because you will be doing the back later.

Step 6: Mix the Mod Podge with the gold glitter and brush onto the stripes not painted yet. The gold glitter seemed to cover better ,so I only applied 3 coats. I just wiped the excess gold off the silver before it dried. After the one side drys, flip over and repeat the steps for the other side.

Final product!

Love it with my gold and silver jewelry!

Do you have a clutch you could do this too? Did you watch the Bachlorette on Monday night? Do you think she will pick Jef, Arie, or no one?


  1. Amazing DYI! I love it!
    xx chris

  2. I love how it finally turned out! The in between pictures had be a bit worried by I guess no bag looks great with glue all over it!

  3. Wonderful, you changed the whole cluch by remaking it with silver shining painting papers glued to it on outside. It really shows you are creative enough to change any simple looking cluch to desired one. silver clutch


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