Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Tanking it

Hello Wednesday! For this post, I want to talk about the under layer of an outfit (besides our essentials) - the tank! I tend to always layer my clothing, even in warm weather. I find that the mornings in the spring start off chilly, so my under layer of my outfit usually involves a tank top or cami. An alternative to the tank or cami is a bandeau. I recently have purchased seamless bandeau's , which are comfortable they feel as if you are wearing nothing. The best thing for me about blogging is actually seeing my outfits in a photo.There is something more a photo gives you than the mirror. If you don't have a friend around to ask, "Should I wear this?", then take a photo of yourself. I actually wore the outfit in the second photo during the day, but after seeing the first photo I prefer to have the tank tucked as shown in the first photo. Without the blazer I prefer the tank out, its all about what style you are wanting clean, crisp or more relaxed.

Past season Gap Skinny White Jean- Similar, Gap Blazer- Similar, Thrifted H&M Tank - Similar,

Do you prefer to wear a tank, cami, or bandeau?

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  1. This is a great look- with or without the blazer! I love a good cami but I haven't tried a bandeau- kinda afraid I don't have the girls to hold one up ;) What I definitely need is a floral tank to layer under the blazers- it totally freshens up the blazer for Spring. And I love it with the white jeans!

  2. I tend to layer camis otherwise my bust can be a bit OTT in some tops!

    ✰Transatlantic Blonde✰

  3. What a great look! I, like you, prefer to helps me chasing, bending down, and looking after little ones to keep me covered on top and bottom ha!

  4. Gorgeous casual outfit. Looks classic but breezy.

  5. New follower. Knew I'd love your style esp. after seeing red Hunter boots. V.nice outfit today

  6. Love. A little feminine, a little edgy. I have been all about studded details lately (like your shoes, so great!), I just bought these studded slip ons that I have been wearing like crazy!


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