Monday, April 29, 2013

Something Comparable


Hello everyone! I hope everyone had a great weekend. I have a few topics to discuss in this post. In this post, I am wearing my BCBG black pumps I recently thrifted. Lately, I find myself  more attracted to very pointed pumps. Some of my friends have asked me how I clean my shoes that I get from the thrift store. First, I use a Clorox wipe to wipe them inside and out. Then, I use Lysol and spray the inside of the shoes.  When I buy thrifted shoes I try to buy new or almost new shoes. You would be amazed at what people donate just to get stuff out of their house to get organized.
My second topic to discuss are where to find a comparable piece to that a high end piece you are dying for. Two sites I like to use are Polyvore  and Shopstyle. These sites will give you many options from multiple stores for the item you are looking for. One option I found was my Forever 21 lace shirt I am wearing in this post.

F21 Sleeveless Lace Shirt, Gap Wide Leg Jeans - Similar, Another Choice, Gap Skinny Leopard Belt- Similar, Frenchi Seamless Long Bandeau

Where do you look for a comparable piece to that high end piece you want?


  1. Some of my friends used to think I was nuts buying second-hand footwear, but most of my boot collection is thrifted - and wonderful! I love your look today, so chic. I don't really look for alternatives to high-end pieces. If I'm lucky, I find great quality, sometimes high-end labels in the thrift shop! :)

  2. Carrie- this look is amazing! I love the bandeau under the lace shirt- gives it a different look than the usual cami or tank. The jeans are awesome and the shoes- get out! I'm always so jealous of your thrifting finds! I really love everything- you look stunning!

  3. I don't have any problems with secondhand shoes, I quite like the fact someone else has already broken them in for me! You look so tall and lean, your legs look a mile long in those jeans!
    Like Kelly, I don't search for alternatives to expensive stuff, I just pick up whatever takes my fancy from charity shops, Ebay and markets. I couldn't even tell you what high end stuff is out there to find altnatives for! xxxx

  4. This is a gorgeous look - you wear lace so elegantly, Carrie. I usually hit up eBay and Etsy for "inspired" pieces, and of course the local thrifts. Thanks for linking up to Visible Monday!

  5. I absolutely LOVE this outfit! You look great!

    xo Marie


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