Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Not enough hours in a day

Now that I am back from spring break vacation and I am trying to get back in the swing of things. It's tough to prioritize what to get done. Such as "Do I blog or do I unpack the suitcases in the living room?" So, I decided to blog, because I think it is important to take time for yourself. Plus, those suitcases will always be there tomorrow. I used to be kind of a "freak" about trying to get everything done, but then I had kids. Now I make it a point to have "me" time. Whether for you it is exercising, reading a book, crafting, watching your favorite t-show, you need time. The balancing act is hard and sometimes I think there are not enough hours in the day. For this post, I took a short walk, but it was a great way to enjoy the first signs of spring.

F21- Dropped Waist Dress- Similar, Gap Black and White Stripe Tee- Similar, 'Fraser' Oxford, 

What do you enjoy doing with your "me" time?

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  1. I love the polka dots and stripes together! I don't get much me time unfortunately.

  2. Amen sister..I blog, exercise, sometimes eat sushi outside after my pedicure (yesterday)..with the weather the way it's been the last couple of day..anything as long as its OUTSIDE!
    Okay so I am IN LOVE with this look..seriously EVERYTHING! the drop waist is amazing..the combo of stripes and polkas and those shoes are perfect with it..LOVE!!!!!!!!!
    sheree xxx

  3. As a mother of four for 26 yrs, I really wish all mother's would give themselves permission to "put their own oxygen mask on first"! Love the polka dots and stripes!

  4. I have Fridays 'off' so Fridays are my-days:) I drink coffee slowly, catch up with blogs, do a spin class, then appts. like hairdressers etc. (every 5 weeks with my hair!). Before I know it it is time for the school bus again - but I love my indulgent Fridays. This week at the beach I have read and read - it has been amazing to read a book cover to cover in a couple of days! I LOVE the brogues:)

  5. Love how you combined the prints - Blog hopping from WIWW from the Transatlantic - lol

  6. Really fun look. Thanks for sharing this point of "me" time!! I have been juggling many balls lately and feeling really stressed out. I needed this little reminder!

    Have a great week easing back into "reality".

  7. Don't get me started on "me" time :) I usually go sew (of course) or shop if I need to get out of the house. It's hard to do because there is soooo much to get done and not enough time. Too often it's the me time that gets lost.
    Oh and I love the outfit! I love dots and stripes!

  8. You look so simply springy here in your black and white mixed. Hard to believe your are someone's mommy! I especially like your oxfords ...and I don't often like this style. I think it's because they are cut a bit lower and don't come up right under the ankle bone. Also, they seem a bit lighter in construction. Boyish, rather than Dad's-Old-Wingtips.
    I blow all my me-time on drawing, blogging and reading these days. I have more than most women, so I'm lucky in that.

  9. Hey Carrie! Just wanted to let you know that I'm featuring this fab shirt under dress look on my BEST OF Friday Style Link Up tomorrow (4/12). Come stop by and see it! -Kristen

    The Mrs. and The Momma

  10. I love to grab a cappuccino, get a mani/pedi and just enjoy the quiet for my ideal me time. Le sigh. Love the mixed prints! p.s. You won our last Monday Mingle giveaway. Can you please email me your mailing addy?

  11. OMG Love those shoes. Obsessed. Too bad I already bought a pair of brogues / oxfords in a tan color but they have an awesome bright blue sole


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