Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Take me to Neverland

This post is dedicated to two things: one, my love of the Peter-Pan collar, and the child innocence of Neverland. The Peter-Pan styled collar has been hanging strong for a few seasons. It started out with many people doing them in DIYs (including myself) and now you can find them in many stores. I got this great Peter-Pan collared black sweater from H&M for $14.95. At that price, you can buy a couple.
The movie Peter-Pan makes me think of a child's innocence and it would be great to see more of in the world. In the movie, it's wonderful to see the children expressing themselves in their costumes. It seems like once a kid becomes a certain age even if they are still innocent and nice, other kids try to take that away from them. Oh, how cool would it be to wear a skunk costume and no one would care! My husband is always commenting that he has never met anyone like me. I say, "What does that mean?" ( in my nicest wife way).  He says that I never judge anyone on their appearance.  My thought is everyone has the right to look the way they want to. But unfortunately, instead of having a judge free, innocent world, I think that only goes on in Neverland.

H&M Peter- Pan Sweater

Forever 21 cropped pants- Similar, Polka dot t-shirt - Similar

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Have you taken part of the peter-pan collar trend?


  1. I agree with you and try not to judge people either. One of the hardest things I had to do as a Mom of 3 boys was to make them understand that impressions were important. I heard it all, my friends like me the way I am and blah, blah bhah.
    I am happy to say they now dress like decent young men. I don't judge the tatoos, earrings or anything else that actually means nothing!
    I guess this is a mini rant. Your post and looking at some old pictures tonight just made it close to my heart.
    Hope all is well my stylish little friend!

  2. I just bought a rhinestone Peter Pan collar necklace! Can't wait to rock it!


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