Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Sequin Blazer

Happy Wednesday, this great sequin blazer was another tailoring project that my talented mom helped me with. This blazer was purchased for $5.00 at the thrift store. The alteration that my mom completed was to pull back the front of the blazer and sew it down to give it a tuxedo look. It is vintage and I thought this would give it a more up-to date look. I would call my mom a risk taker when it comes to creativity. She is always willing to try a project. She always says before she starts, "are your sure it looks nice the way it is." I say yes, this item it is not me and or what I have in mind when I bought it. So, then the project begins, but that is the great thing about thrift store finds, you don't feel to bad when they don't work out because you haven't invested too much money.

I think a sequin blazer is a great option for a holiday party. One of my favorite things to wear are skinny jeans. A way for me to dress them up for a party is pair them up with a sequin blazer. If you are still needing something for a holiday party, the first two of these sequin blazers are under $100!

DP: Black Sequin Blazer
Silver Sequin Tuxedo Blazer
SuperTrash Blazer Junior Rose Gold

Would you consider yourself a risk taker with creativity? Do you have a favorite blazer?

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  1. Such a great job you and your mom did!
    This is an AWESOME jacket and you definitely achieved an undated look! Let me know the next time you find a sequined jacket for $5 will ya ;)
    Sheree xxx

  2. I love that blazer. I really like how you took a fairly dressy jacket and toned it down with a casual look. Very neat.

  3. You look amazing! Love your sequin jacket:)

  4. That looks AMAZING! You always have some awesome thrift store finds.. I'm so jelly! :)
    Nikki at

  5. Hi there. I found you on WIWW. LOVE this outfit!!! I'm Hanna and I'm your newest follower. Great blog! HAPPY HOLIDAYS!
    You can find me anytime at

    xooxxo Hanna


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