Thursday, September 6, 2012

Next USA Mummy project

I have some exciting news!  I was asked by Next, a UK based retailer, to participate in their "Next USA Mummy project." I said yes, one, because I am a "mummy" and two, I checked out their clothing and really liked it! For this project, my son received an apparel item and was to tell what he thought of the item. Well, this was easier said than done! It was a little harder than I thought to get a 5 year old to cooperate. But we made it through it and I was so excited to be introduced to this website. They have fantastic merchandise not only for children, but adults too! I loved his navy hoodie and of course I had to wash it already because he spilled something on it. It washed well and did not shrink or lose its color- that's important info for us mums, (yes, I like just saying that)! This is our video, wish us luck!

Check out Friday's post! There is a really cool DIY!

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