Wednesday, September 12, 2012

DIY: Taking a flannel shirt from unsightly to studdly

Well, you can tell by my DIYs, I am totally into embellishing lots of clothing.  On my trip to NYC, I actually saw a couple of flannel pieces that were embellished. They were pretty expensive, so I put this project on my to-do list. The only snag I came across was finding a thrift store flannel shirt that was acceptable. So, I ended up buying a new Mossimo flannel at Target for $17.99. I normally don't like purchasing a new item and trying a DIY, but I was pretty confident that I could pull this off without messing the shirt up. If you have a flannel already in that closet for a total of $4.00 that is for 2 packs of studs, you can make this shirt for your fall and winter wardrobe.

 Materials needed for this project are a flannel shirt and studs.

 Step 1: Look at the pocket design and lay out your design on the pocket before you pushing studs through. I started in the middle to cover the button slit and then worked my way outward.
 Step 2: After you finish the first row, start the second row directly under the middle top stud. Make sure studs are very close together. You will need no special tool for this only your fingers. Flannel is a very soft material and easy to push the studs through.

Step 3: The first two rows contain a total of 7, the third row 5, and 4th row 3. The stitching of my pocket has a "v" pattern that I followed. This is what they should look like completed.

Step 4: Repeat the same on the opposite pocket. Then you shirt is complete. This is such an easy project and can be done in less than an hour.

I got many complements on this shirt and nothing feels better than knowing you accomplished it yourself- even if it is only a shirt!

I did get me these great Mossimo booties at Target and they are a steal at $29.99. They come in taupe and black.

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 Do you wear flannel?


  1. This looks amazing! I love fashion DIY's a have quite a bunch on my blog as well :) Love your hair. I wish I could pull off the pixie cut.


  2. So cool! These DIY projects can breathe new life into a piece of clothing for the fraction of what you would spend to buy it. Love the flannel and your new booties :)

  3. Love this! I will have to do this! You think I can handle it?

  4. I love this project! I tried studding the pocket of of of my button downs, but it material got all messed up! Maybe I need me some flannel!

  5. I do! Love what you did to this top! Love this whole look! your hair is super cool!


  6. You're so clever with DIY's, love what you've done with the studs.

  7. Holy crap - I have SO been wanting to try this. In fact was looking at my local thrift store today for a camo jacket to do the same thing to. Pinning your post so I can come back to it for inspiration!

  8. Oh no! None of your pictures are showing up! Stopped by from WIW


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