Wednesday, September 19, 2012

DIY: Gold Glitter Toed Oxfords

Gold and black combo is a trend for this fall. When I do DIYs on shoes it sometimes doesn't work,so I try to work with shoes from Plato's closet, thirft stores, or consignment shops. I came across these black oxfords at Plato's for $7.50. They still had the orginal price tag and were very comfortable - a plus! This project is very easy and the outcome added a great up-to date change to these shoes.

There are some great glitter toed shoes, but the cool thing about these shoes are you can make them yourself!
Jimmy Choo- Whirl Glitter Flats
Sam Edelman 'Frances' Glitter Pump

Materials you will need are gold glitter, masking tape, scissors, Mod Podge glue, foam brush, and a  paper plate to let shoes dry on.

Step 1: Tape up your shoes will masking tape. I followed the front outline of my shoes. If you do not have an outline, go back two inches from the toe point of the shoe. Make sure to tape the bottom of the shoes.

Step 2: Mix the glitter with Mod Podge on a paper plate. I put equal parts glue and glitter. Then paint the mixture onto the shoe.

Step 3: I painted 5 coats on each. I let them dry 30 minutes between each coat.

Step 4: This is the hard part(not really). You need to make sure you remove the tape slowly , so it doesn't rip the glitter and glue off. I used the scissors to run over the edges before removing the tape. It makes a smooth even edge.

I will be getting a lot of use out of these shoes. One important thing- this glitter will last- Mod Podge is a great adhesive. I have worn these twice and the glitter hasn't peeled off !

What is your favorite color trend this fall?
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  1. Great DIY! I have been wanting to do a glitter heel project but wasn't sure what supplies to use. Now I know that Mod Podge is the way to go! Heather

  2. CUTE and look fab (LOVE the skirt). Now tell me, how did they hold up? I tried this last spring and the glitter cracked off right where the shoe creased

  3. so cute! i will have to try this with a pair of flats :)


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