Friday, February 10, 2012

To Thrift or not to Thrift.....

This is my last thrifted outfit for the week.  I look a little serious because it was rather cold that day.  My shirt is Ann Taylor Loft- thrifted for $2.00 and my shoes are Steve Madden loafers, also thirfted. I wanted to devote these last two weeks to thrifting, because I enjoy it so much. Also, I wanted to share reasons to thrift, if you currently don't.  I have a thrifting story to tell. I admired a shirt similar to this one ( in the photo) that my friend had purchased from J.Crew. I held off on buying it, but I found one similar at the thrift store. So, even current styles and trends can be found at the thrift store because fashion trends always seem to come back around.   I will occasionally do posts on things I have thirfted. But my blog will not be devoted to only thrifting, because when I look at someone's personal style and I really like a thirfted item, I am bummed when I know I can't purchase it.  So, I will try to showcase items that are currently available.   Have a great weekend, and I would love to hear if you thrifted anything lately!
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  1. You look very chic in this outfit. I like the color combination.

    I haven't been thrifting because of my spending freeze. Although I miss it, and just know I missing out on lots of great finds, I realize this is what I need to do to get my wardrobe where I want it. It's scary though. In the last two days, I have off loaded another 6 things! I worry that I will be left with my black sheath dress, a pair of jeans, a button down shirt and nothing else!

    Have a great weekend! xo, Adrienne

    P.S. I am off to vote for you!

  2. Carrie you look gorgeous in this outfit!!! No one would ever believe you thrifted this!! You inspire me to take another look at thrifting, I always only go to the home and furniture section. Usually I spend all of my money on that department and never even make it to the clothes!!!

  3. You look fab! Love the shirt and your hair is amazing!! Congrats on your nomination just voted for you:)

  4. Glad I discovered your blog, it's great. I also have a pixie cut and I love to see other daring women with it.

  5. carrie, your new blog is lovely! i'm a mom also with two kids.. you have amazing style. love this look.... great shirt! enjoyed looking... and just followed on bloglovoin AND google. i'd love to stay connected with you... it's nice getting inspirations from other bloggers. have a great evening!



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