Friday, February 24, 2012

Photo Collage Walls

When it comes to home decor, I prefer a home with lots of photos that can tell the tale of the family.  I love things that ascent the importance of family. The following pictures are of three excellent rooms with walls displaying photo collages.  Personally, I tend to lean more towards black and white photos, as seen in the last two pictures, but I love the use of color in this first photo and the layout of the collage. 

This brings me to my own black and white collage photo wall shown below. It's located in my kitchen next to our kitchen table. I find that guests enjoy looking at them and they often become a conversation starter at parties. I replace photos throughout the year with the latest and keep the history intact within the frame.  I hope my kids enjoy them when they get older. The trick is truly choosing the best pictures from our digital images on our computer.  Very different as a kid, they were in an album that I could look at daily. This kinda makes it feel similar to an album on the wall.  All of the photos in my collage have are of great importance to me, like my daughter's first birthday, her kindergarten graduation,  and my son's first belly laugh.  I did this wall on one of my spring vacations. I remember my husband was a little afraid of me just hammering away, but he loved the outcome. I would suggest you layout your photos and get the perfect collage before placing on the wall.


I also love monogram letters.  Recently I added the large letter T, but I also have the small initials on individuals pictures.
This is one of my favs. My uncle took this one of me and my daughter on her birthday.  The essence of this one is that I had no idea he was taking it.  I was thinking when I looked at her "can't believe I'm responsible for this tiny thing,  I love you."   It is such a 'raw' photo.  I love being able to look at it everyday an remember that moment.

Another fav on the wall - on the left is me when I caught my first fish and on the right is my daughter when she caught hers.

Last, this photo on my wall is my son's first belly laugh, how can you not smile just looking at that face! We all live for those moments.

How do you display your photos? Do you prefer black and white photos or color?

Have a great weekend, thanks for all my birthday wishes yesterday and  it's still birthday weekend!!!

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  1. I love photo collages!

  2. ME TOOO!!
    even club monaco did theirs in their stores...LOVE THIS COLLAGING METHOD.
    Keeps you interested in the photos...rather than in the book albums... :)

  3. We're redoing our apartment - I cannot wait to have a gallery wall!!


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