Wednesday, February 29, 2012

DIY: Inspiration J.Crew's Crystal Stripe-Link Bracelet

Recently, while perusing the J.Crew website, I came across this Crystal Stripe-Link Bracelet for $42.00. I think that is a good price point, but during a recent trip to Lowe's (where I met a new friend), I saw plastic chain very similar to this picture.The chain was selling for $0.76 a foot. The following steps will help you produce a bracelet similar to the following J.crew bracelet.

J. Crew's Crystal Stripe-Link Bracelet

 Materials needed: white and black plastic chain available by the foot for $0.76 cents at Lowe's.

These are all available at your local craft store. You will also need E-6000 craft glue, sharp scissors, pliers, and a paper plate.  My supplies from the craft store were 40% off, so the cost of the bracelet was a total of $5.50.

First: Measure your wrist for the amount of links you will need. I cut off 3 white links and 2 black links. The black link was the only one that was used with a cut. I intentionally cut it in the middle of the link, because it will later be covered.
Second: Hook the black and white chain together using this cut black link. Then use the E-6000 craft glue to adhere the cut in the black link.

Third: Clamp the opening together until the glue adheres.
Fourth: I peeled 7 small rhinestones off.  I measure how many I needed before peeling. Apply glue to the back before applying. You will need to connect the rhinestone sticker in the inside of the link, this is so it cannot be seen.

Fifth: This is what one link should look like after applying the rhinstone stickers to each side.

Sixth: I left the black link that was cut to do last. The rhinestone sticker will cover up the cut that has been made.

Seventh: Let it dry for at least 2 hours.

Eighth: Using the pliers pull apart the round jump ring.

Ninth: On each end, apply the jewerly piece to the jump ring. Then close the jump ring with the pliers.

Pretty Close to the Inspiration.

I love the color blocking in this bracelet. This bracelet will be getting much wear !

****I have a little story to share about my new friend I met at Lowe's. This friend I met on a previous trip to Lowe's, when I was looking for another type of chain. On my first trip, when I was questioned the Lowe's clerk about a chain and how heavy that would be on my neck. He responded, " Look lady, this is a hardware store, why don't you go to the crafty store across the street?" On the second trip to purchase plastic chain for this DIY, this same gentleman was there. I asked if he remembered me, and he said he did and asked why I was here this time. I told him I wanted some plastic chain. He asked how much and I said, "One foot, so I can make two bracelets." He entertained me by wrapping it around my wrist. As I was leaving, he asked,  "What do you do with this stuff anyway?" I told him about my blog and what I did. He actually asked for the name and said he was going to check it out. He just made me smile, because I know I was asking things out of his element, but he was still so nice and helpful. I am sure I will see this new friend again on many trips to Lowe's.

Have you met any new or interesting people lately?

I ended up in the Top 10 in the Fashion and Beauty Mom's contest! I want to thank everyone who reads my blog and voted for me.


  1. You are so darned clever, girl! I love this idea. It's going on one of my boards on Pinterest right now. I may even attempt to make one myself.

    Cute story about the Lowe's guy. I hope he stops by to read all the nice things you said about him...maybe he'll become a follower!
    xo, A

    1. Thanks so much, he was such an interesting fella!

  2. What an amazing DIY...It turned out SO great!

  3. Love the bracelet! And thank you for joining Adrienne and me in sharing your most cherished wardrobe item. It was a great post and I love your red Hunter boots! XO, Jill

  4. I love this bracelet.. I am mad that I did not think of it first...:) I hope to get one someday....

    P.s.... your "new friend" story sounded alot like a Carey W. story... this is a great compliment, of course...(to you both)...

  5. Congrats on making it to the top 25. great tutorial.

  6. Thank you very much for you comment! =)

    Great tutorial! Very nice! =)


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