Thursday, January 5, 2012

DIY: Embellished Metallic Bracelet

I  generally wear silver jewelry, the more the better. On occasions, I do like wearing gold. This metallic pyramid studded bracelet is a great combination of gold and silver. I adore this metallic patina look and have noticed this look on many accessories this winter. I love how this bracelet turned out.

Materials needed for this project are a wood bracelet, gold spray paint, silver acrylic paint,  pyramid studs, E6000 craft glue, foam brush, sandpaper, paper plate, scissors, and newspaper . I found my bracelet at a Plato's closet for a $1.00. I have seen many at the thrift store and you may have one lying around in your jewelry box. The  pyramid studs were in the scrapbooking aisle at the craft store.

Step 1. Make sure to sand your bracelet. This will remove any chipping paint and smooth out your surface .

Step 2. Lay your bracelet on newspaper and spray it with the gold spray paint. You may need more than one coat. It will need to dry thoroughly before completing the next step.

Step 3. Paint the bracelet with the silver acrylic paint using the foam brush. You will need to complete the next step quickly after painting the bracelet.

Step 4. Ball up the paper towel and lightly pat the bracelet. You want to make sure the gold can be seen while you are completing this process.

Step 5. The next step can be completed after the bracelet is completely dry. My pyramid studs were actually brads, so I had to remove the back with scissors.  The design I decided to create was a large stud, medium stud, and repeat. Apply the E6000 craft glue to the back of the stud and apply to the bracelet. You will need to hold each stud when applying for about 10 seconds or until the adhesive bonds the stud to the bracelet.  After the pyramid studs have dried, your new bracelet is ready to wear. I would love to hear what you think.


  1. Loving your blog honey !!! we are now following you !!!=D would you follow us back ?
    MK Style Diaries

  2. That bracelet is adorable, and the print on the top/sweater you're wearing it with is absolutely fantastic!

  3. Looks fab! I love a mixture of silver and gold!!

  4. this is a great project! I enjoy wearing gold and silver sometimes but not at the same time although some acceories of mine mix it and I have a hard time finding how to wear it. I love this project and I will be trying shortly :)


  5. Wow, I love that a lot, thanks for showing how to make it, I'll definitely be trying it out!

    xo Gillie

  6. Great tutorial!! Its such a good giveaway too.
    When you cant find something u imagine to love, you jus put ur hands to create one. Thats jus an amazing DIY project. <3
    I wud never have tot of that.

  7. Wow! When I saw the first pic, I had no idea it was a DIY! The bracelet looks GREAT!!! Love the color you painted it! Thank you for stopping by my blog! I appreciate your sweet words :)

  8. Thanks, you ladies should definitely give it a try.

  9. so crafty! i love it. it definitely makes for a great statement piece!


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