Monday, January 9, 2012

Dots and More Dots

Rust Polka Dot Print Skater Dress, Do It Made Top - Modcloth, bottom Polka Dot Sweater- Forever 21Marc by Marc Jacob's Hot Dot Bangles - Bloomingdales, Marc by Marc Jacobs 'Dotty Snake Little Ukita' Faux Leather Crossbody Bag - Nordstrom and Polka-dot pencil skirt, - J.Crew

Polka dot material can be combined with any color to make a great outfit. I've found polka dot items that I think would be perfect in your winter or spring attire. I feel fabulous every time I have something with polka dots on. I would love to hear about what your have that is polka dot in your closet.


  1. so dang cute! Love that dress!

    p.s you should come check out my THEIT camera bag giveaway! I think you'd really like it indeed!

  2. love the bangles and the sleeveless blouse with the bow. So many cute picks!

  3. great pics, love the skirt.

    Hope you had a great New Year!

  4. thanks for stopping by, love your diy posts :)
    following xx

  5. I just love polka dots and think they are very classic. I have a few items (all tops) that have polka dots on them. I love the skirt and the bangles!

  6. i love that little ladybug dress! i will wear anything with that silhouette, or pretty much anything with polka dots!


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