Thursday, February 20, 2014

Up the Amp

Hi, everyone! I don't know about you guys, but I am glad the weekend is here. I have a few things to post. First, this past weekend I got a new lipstick from Mac called, Up the Amp. For me, a new lipstick shade is a great addition to any assemble. This bright shade gives me hope that spring will soon be here.

MAC: Up the Amp

Second, most of you guys that read my blog know that I am trying to grow out my hair.  I haven't cut it yet in 2 1/2 months, so my mullet is getting long. In the past when I have tried to grow my hair out, I usually keep getting the back trimmed. This time I am using my mullet to my advantage. I actually have been twisting up the back and bobby pinning it up. Some of the back pieces still hang down, but it gives the illusion of my hair being longer. This style might be an idea for those gals that have told me they are also growing their hair out.


Lastly, I have wanted an anorak jacket for a while. I purchased this Xhilration jacket from Target for less than $50.00. What I love about the jacket is the leather quilting detail and it is more form fitting. Many of the anorak jackets I have tried on seem very large and boxy, so I am glad I held out for this one. So, a score for Target!
 Xhilaration Anorak Jacket

Do you change your lipstick for different seasons? What shade will you wear this spring?


  1. I love changing my makeup with the seasons, and I'm also a bit obsessed with watching You Tube makeup tutorials, so I recently was introduced to a makeup line that was mentioned in several videos - NYC. You can find it at Ulta, and it's muy cheap. I got one of their lip butter glosses in Cherry, which I love, and they have some really fun super bright glosses and lipsticks that I want when it gets closer to spring. Also picked up a couple of tubes of lipstick at CVS - the brand is Milani, and they were buy one get one 50% off (only $4.99 a tube). I got a brick red and one called black cherry that is so dark it's almost black. LOVE it. Deffo not a spring color. I'm going to try orange when it warms up a bit. Are you sorry you asked yet?

  2. Thought of you today when I was getting my hair shaped up, not cut! I sort of have a longish bobish pixie thing going on now?

    I love this lip color on you. A fresh color can change your mood instantaneously. I just got a new coral that I am excited to wear.

    This anorak is fresh and I could see you wearing it with your Sorel boots! Score!


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