Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Polyvore outfit challenge: Modcloth

Hi everyone! I was excited to be asked to participate in Polyvore's weekly outfit challenge with Modcloth. When I heard it was for Modcloth, which I adore, I was so excited to participate. The highlight of my collage is Modcloth 's Classic Stunner Dress in Floral.  This dress is fabulous all by itself, but my style tends to be casual. So, many of the pieces I combined with the dress would lend itself to my casual style. I came up with at least 8 different outfit combinations from this one collage. I am sure there could be many more.

   Outfit 1                        Outfit 2                     Outfit 3                         Outfit 4     
1, 6,7                          1,5,6,7.                      1,4,6,8                          1,2,5,6,8

Outfit 5                    Outfit 6                     Outfit 7                        Outfit 8
1,3,6,7                     1,3,6,8                     1,5,6,8                          1,4,6,7

1.   Classic Stunner Dress in Floral   2. All's Fair in Love and Wharf Tee 3. Academia Ahoy Blazer 4. Brighten Up Circle Scarf in Deep Blue 5. Foxy Moxie Belt 6. Cube as Can Be Earrings 7. Seychelles All Dressed Up Heel 8. Prospectress Boot

Which outfit assemble would be your favorite?


  1. I love your choices! Outfit number 5 would be my favorite choice because that's just how I roll :) I love a feminine dress and a good blazer. I would love to see how you would rock it-cause we all know you would- it's just a matter of how.


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