Friday, March 15, 2013

5 Day Closet Makeover

TGIF because I am ready for the weekend. We are supposed to get some decent temperatures, so I am ready for some outside time. Since spring is coming and people generally purge and do some spring cleaning this post is dedicated to making over your closet in 5 days. When I was thinking of making over my closet I looked for some ideas on Pinterest, but honestly all the ideas were like the one below, not practical for a 'real' closet with a lot of clothes. So, I came up with my own plan and I decided on 5 days, because I decided to accomplish this task during the week. I didn't want to spend my weekend working on my closet. This was my plan and I am much happier with my closet. It is much more organized and I have a better idea of my wardrobe.

Via Pinterest

My closet made over!!

This is what my closet looked like before, "a hot mess". I always thought the area above my closet wasn't space I was utilizing well. My closet had never been painted since we moved in and needed a fresh coat of paint.

Day 1: Take measurements for the shelving at the top. I measured the length and width of the current shelving. *A tip, Home Depot will cut wood for free. Also, on this day you will need to remove everything from your closet. I just put it in a pile in another room and didn't go through any of it on this day. The last thing, just patch holes and dings in your closet.

Day 2:  You will need to buy paint, then sand holes you patched from night before. Also, you will be painting on this day.  My closet is 83 inches x 63 inches and took about less than a hour to paint. The best paint to buy is one that has a paint and primer in one . It covers better and needs less touch up and coats. The picture below shows the new color I chose, just Sculptor Clay by Behr.

Day 3: Go by your local hardware store to by the wood for the shelving and the 6 "L" brackets needed.  I bought regular wood boards, because I planned on covering them with material. My long board was 83 inches and I needed 2 boards for the side that were 57 1/2 inches. I actually got them cut for 58 1/2 inches and they fixed it for me at Home depot for free even though it was my mistake. Also, you will need to touch up the paint and remove the tape.

Day 4: Put up the shelving. You will need screws, nails, tape measure, stud finder, level and a ladder. I like to do projects like this because I get a great deal of accomplishment. Luckily, now when my husband hears a drill he doesn't freak out. He knows I am very good with Spackle in case I make a mistake. *Tip: Make sure to measure from the ceiling with the tape measure to make sure the L brackets will be equal length down from the ceiling and be in a stud! For example, if you measure 25 inches down from the ceiling that is where all of your other brackets should also start at.

Also, on this day I covered the wood with material. I covered both sides of the wood with material. You need scissors and a staple gun. I got all my material for this project under $15.00. I got my material at JoAnn fabrics, but some readers have told me that they do not have one of these stores near them. I also love Fabric Guru they have great fabrics at reasonable prices.
This is what my above shelving looked like when covered and completed. The bottom photo shows the little shelving that I put in for my accessories.

Day 5: This is the fun day(not really). This is the day you go through all the things that you pulled out of your closet. I purged 4 laundry baskets and I feel much better about the items I have in my closet. This was good to do on a Friday, because it took the longest. I usually go through my closet a lot and clean out many items, but I have never actually pulled everything out. The only thing I want left to do is hang a chandelier, but I am still on the look for one. I think I will find one on my garage sale journey's this summer. I did look in the hardware store collection and nothing struck my fancy. I make sure to never settle and hold out for what you really had in mind. 

I used hooks to hang scarfs and baskets for accessories.

With paint and supplied the cost of my makeover was around $100.00. You can buy the wiring shelving for around that much, but I preferred the wood with the material.

Have a great weekend!!
I like to give a big welcome to all my new readers.


  1. Nice job Carrie!! I recently had my closet redone too!! It's a great feeling!! Love to all!!
    Joan B

  2. Wow, awesome! :) I'm a terrible sweater stacker, but you do a great job!

    <3 Daryl
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  3. Well- I know what I am doing tomorrow... closets!! The extra organization is not only functional but looks great... fab idea!


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