Wednesday, November 28, 2012

DIY: Embellished Pearl Sweater

Most of you that read my blog,  know that I love all things embellished. Well, for now I have gone away from spikes and studs, and currently love pearls.  For a while, I wanted to put pearls on a sweater, but I needed the right sweater.  You might have one right in your closet you can use. I found mine for $10.00 at Plato's closet. This is a great embellished sweater to add to any wardrobe and I love how it turned out.

Materials needed for this are a sweater, scissors, threading needle, white thread, 2 different sizes of pearls. I used some from a old necklace I had, but they can be found at any local craft store.

Step 1: Decide upon a design before sewing on pearls. Thread your needle and pull through sweater with a large needle.

Step 2: After each pearl, you will tie a knot. Then, move onto the next pearl. Do not cut string until the final pearl. You will need to do one continuous string. I tried knotting them separately and they kept falling off. (annoying)

Step 3: Continue process until you have the desired design.

 Step 4: I put on eight large pearls and ten smaller pearls on each sleeve. Make sure to duplicate the same pattern on the other sleeve.

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I have decided to host a giveaway each Friday for the next 3 weeks. Since it is the time of giving and  I love giving my friends gifts to let them know I appreciate and think of them. I appreciate all of my readers and your support. The first giveaway will be some supplies for a few DIY's and a DIY done my moi. Check out Friday's post if interested.


  1. What a great idea! I love that sweater with those pants.

  2. Oh my gosh! You look fantastic! I love that outfit on you! I love the leather pants. That is such a creative idea for your sweater. Your gold belt and outfit in the previous post is also delicious. You are so creative and stylish!

  3. How cute. I once did the lapel on a jean jacket. I really should dig that baby out of the black hole in my closet.

  4. That's gorg and I love it with the leather leggings!

  5. This outfit is so cool! It is made even cooler by the fact that you DIY'd it!!!


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