Friday, November 9, 2012

DIY: Add a little Metallic to your Rainboots

Happy Friday, yes I have struggled this week. I am not sure what's up, but every week I seem to be getting somebody's bug. Now, I am feeling fabulous and will get back on track. I bought a pair of rain boots at the thrift store and knew I wanted to do something with them.(I already had a black pair) They have sat around for some months and I realized I wanted to put a metallic effect on them.   This can be done to any solid color rain boot, but if you didn't want gold - silver is a great alternative.

  For this DIY you will need a solid color rain boot, Krylon gold spray paint (adheres well to rubber or plastic), paper to ball up, newspaper, masking tape, and plastic bags.

Step 1: Tape the bottom of the boot as seen in photo.

Step 2: Put newspaper in the boot, so paint does not get in the inside. Make sure to put the boot on newspaper and put plastic around the taped area.

 Step 3: Crumple up the paper and then spray the spray paint on the paper.

 Step 4: Lightly press the paper on the boot. This is kind of a sponge painting affect on a boot. Once you have done one area don't repeat  in the same spot, because you want the metallic paint not to fully cover the boot.
 Step 5: Continue up the boot and let dry for a couple of days, so the paint will adhere. I have washed the boots with a wet towel to make sure the paint wouldn't come off. . This is an easy way to apply the metallic trend into your wardrobe.

I love how they turned out and it was so easy. 

Any plans for the weekend? Do you tend to wear a particular metallic color over another?


  1. Girl, I feel your pain with passing the bugs around. I swear - it has been every other week in our house for 2 months now. RAWR!!! Glad you're feeling better, and bonus? You look smashing. Love love love that DIY on the boots. SO cute.

  2. Love this look, and those boots!

  3. This boot DIY looks really fun! Thanks for sharing!

  4. Great DIY! Will have to try it myself. :)


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