Tuesday, August 7, 2012

High and Low Floral Tank

I hope everyone had a great weekend. I am still at the beach, so this is a quick post. This is my first high and low purchase. I have tried many different types of apparel in this style and none have worked until now. So, I was so happy when I found this tunic. I  think what attracted me to this tunic was the floral print. I plan on wearing this tunic in the fall and winter with a sweater over it. This is my last photo from my trip to NYC.  In almost all of my photos, I a large gold purse. I like having a large bag on vacation, so I can put an extra pair of shoes, sweater, and umbrella. Also, I have room if I happen to make a purchase.

Lily White Print Sheer Chiffon Tunic
Excuse the weird eyes in this picture.

What kind of purse or bag do you use on vacation?
I promise when I get back I will be visiting all my favorite blogs to catch up with what you have been up to.


  1. This look is beautiful! I love the tunic and the bag:D The first image is so cool. I always use big bags.
    xx chris

  2. Hello I have 3 little awards on my blog for you:D
    xx chris


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