Friday, August 10, 2012

DIY: Jewelry Organizer

Hello everyone, a few weekends ago I did some thrifting and came across this fabulous frame. For some great tips on how to prepare to go thrift store shopping check this out, Adrienne gives some excellent tips. I usually hang my necklaces on 3 hooks, but they were all clustered and I really couldn't see what I had. So, I knew I wanted to make something that would work more efficiently, so  I came up with this jewelry organizer. I always like tv shows that show celebrities houses. My favorite part of their house is the closet, not because of the large space(yeah right), but the organization. This is something I am always trying to achieve. Also, I think showcasing jewelry can be a form of artwork.

Materials for this project are a frame. Mine was $2.99, you could use a vintage or clean line frame. Also, silver spray paint, 1/2 yard burlap fabric, 3 drawer knob, 3 silver hooks,  1 large drawer pull, get a board cut to fit your frame, scissors, staple gun, drill, screw driver, tape measure, and sandpaper.

If you have a Hobby Lobby near you, they have great prices on their hardware. I got these for 1/2 off.

Step 1: Paint your frame silver with spray paint. When it dries then use sandpaper along the frame. This lets the paint underneath show though. Make sure to always paint outside or a well ventilated area.

Step 2: Lay your cut board on top of burlap. Make sure to pull material tight before stapling.

Step 3: This is what your board should look like after the material has been stapled to the board.

Step 4:  Using the tape measure, mark the middle of the board. Then, mark the other two spots for the knobs. My knobs were 4 inches apart.

Step 5: Drill the holes that you have marked for your knobs.

Step 6: Using the tape measure, them mark for your hooks. I spread  mine a little farther apart, so the necklaces have more room to hang down. Lastly, apply the draw pull to the bottom. I got this drawer pull at Lowes.

Final product! My jewelry is more organized and is a great piece of artwork.

Are you a person who likes to be organized?


  1. love the idea. it's like a jewellery painting :)

    You have such a lovely blog, what do you think of following each other?


    1. thanks for visiting and following my blog
      I'm following you back both on gfc and twitter :)


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