Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Spotting Talent

Hi everyone, sorry about my hiatus. I have had some technical difficulties, but I have couldn't wait to get back. Today is my son's birthday, I can't believe my sweet Harrison is seven. Man how time flies, I try to cherish every moment I have with my rugrats. Last week, my kids and I stopped at a pumpkin patch and my daughter snapped these photos for me while we were there. My daughter Carter is eleven  and often takes my pictures for me. I feel like she has a great knack for photography. I told her last year, I thought she should sign up for her yearbook to take pictures. It was to late for her to sign up, but this year I am happy to say that she is on the yearbook committee for photography. I spotted her talent a while ago. For a novice, Carter has a sense of lighting, background, closeups, and an awesome sense of style. For this post, you guys know I have a great love for animal print, so these H&M dalmatian print skinnies I thrifted are a great addition to my closet for fall.  I paired them with my "Oxblood" H&M sweater, which is a color that stayed around from last fall.                

Thrifted H&M dalmatian print pants- similar, H&M cable sweater- Similar

What color are you most excited about this fall?


  1. You look so great as always! I am always so jealous of your thrifting awesome-ness:) I love "oxblood" also and am excited for lots of army green, mustard and deep purples. I love Fall and the all the colors that go with it!

  2. Heaven! These are lovely!



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