Monday, February 18, 2013

Ken Scott Vintage Floral

Ken Scott Floral Dress - Similar, Gap 1969 wide-leg jeans- Similar

I hope everyone has had a great weekend, and maybe some of you are enjoying a long weekend.  I am dedicating this week to vintage floral. To start off, I am sharing this vintage dress by Ken Scott, which was a find from the thrift store for a whole $1.99. So again I freaked out over this was a fabulous find, it has all original buttons and no rips or stains. After visiting NYC last summer, I found out vintage items in this condition can be very pricey. For an item to be vintage it doesn't have to have a specific year, but I often think of vintage as in era's. So, whenever you find a vintage item, you can check out on the Internet for information on the designer.

 On, is says that Ken Scott is the designer of modernity and color, the “fashion gardener” with eclectic personality. His art is made by peonies, roses, poppies, sunflowers, petunias, asters, morning-glories. A dazzling bloom of flowers and nature splashed on shirts, foulards, beach-jamas, swimsuit, shirt waists, and then on bags, luggage, textiles and articles for the home, in a luxury ance of creativity quite fitting for what would become one of the most extraordinary seasons in fashion, a style that marked the 1960’s, won cult status in ’70s culture. Considering that his items on this site start at $137 to $549, I got a great deal. One thing to remember is vintage sizing doesn't correlate to today's sizing, so make sure to try it on!

My favorite thing about vintage floral prints are the size and the color of the flowers. It's like your wearing a piece of artwork.One of my favorite characteristics are the covered buttons with the material, that's not a detail you see in today's clothing.

How old does something have to be for you to consider it vintage?

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  1. I love this era, this design and fabric, Carrie - you got an amazing deal! I think of "vintage" as 70's or earlier, but I know many consider 80's and even 90's as vintage. And you are so right about NYC prices for a fab piece like this : > Thanks for sharing with Visible Monday.

  2. So cute! What a fantastic find.
    I think of vintage as '80's and earlier. I think on Etsy the standard is 20 years or older. I think that's too young to be vintage - I mean, 1993 is vintage?
    I like the way you styled that dress. Kind of a boho look but modern too. Well done!

  3. I love that tunic! Just gorgeous! Perhaps we could follow each other?

    xo Lulu

  4. Love this post, Carrie. But then I am the nosiest creature in the world about the history of a garment or style! This little dress-top looks so fresh and modern, and you will wear it a lot this spring and summer, I know. Doesnt' it feel good to know you're wearing fashion history? I learned a lot from this!

  5. Pretty top but I am loving the wide leg jean. Wide leg doesn't get enough play these days!

  6. You might have done some research about Ken Scott since there is a website with a lot of the history. He was HUGE in Europe, but relatively unknown in the US, one of the first designers on the fashion runways of Italy alongside Valentino, Mila Schon, Irene Galitzine, Krizia, literally building the Italian fashion system and competing for the first time with French fashion dominance. Susan Nevelson who painted lots of the prints he was known for, still lives and works for the KS Foundation. The company is stumbling along without proper leadership. Susan will be featured this fall in an exhibit about exceptional women that opens at Pitti Palace's Galleria del Costume. It will stay open for over a year so if you have the chance, you should go.


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