Wednesday, June 27, 2012

DIY: Decorating With Numbers

I love to decorate with numbers. I recently have completed a few projects that involve numbers. I always love getting some inspiration from Pinterest.

Via Pinterest

One of the projects I completed using numbers involved using plastic numbers that I purchased at the thrift store. I bought a whole bag for $1.91. Also, I purchased an assorted bag of scrapbook paper. I cut the scrapbook paper to the size I desired. Then, I hot glued the number to the paper. Finally, I glued the paper to my baskets that I keep odds and ends(junk) in. This is what the final outcome looks like:

Another project, I completed with numbers involved using a stool that I purchased at a garage sale for $5.00. I painted the top of the stool a different color. I knew I wanted to stencil the top of the stool with a number, so the best place I knew to go that was free was the Internet.  I love how this stool turned out and use it in my bathroom to do my makeup and in my closet to reach things.

I printed this number off the Internet. Make sure to adjust the size to fit your desired space.

Tape the number to the top of the stool. I used recycled painters tape to hold it down. Most people will use masking tape- I couldn't find any.

Paint in the stencil with you desired color. I used a smaller brush to smooth out the outlining areas.
Finished project. Let dry and use!
Have you ever decorated with numbers? What is your favorite thing to look at on Pinterest?

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